Eric Omondi Goes Viral On USA's Social Media

WOW over 2.5 million views

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Eric Omondi has just gone mega-viral in the USA’s side of Twitter and the reason will knock you out with laughter.

Eric Omondi’s video was uploaded by a user in the USA and it has been sending people into fits of laughter because of how hilarious it is. Just a funny skit he did a while back with a slay queen friend of his, it never made that big of an impact in Kenya's social media scene but he’s made a big splash in the US with over two million views with 150 thousand likes and retweets! That’s big, even for them

The video, which was titled ‘S*x scenes in movies’ was a humorous reenactment of some of those ultra-steamy moments in movies. Eric, the main character, is seen throwing objects in the house around and having some even thrown at him! While he and his conquest make their way to the bedroom. 

The people in the US loved that video so much, someone nominated him for an Emmy award some admitting that they were in tears, and others losing it at some scenes that Eric was participating in, wondering who he was!

Little do they know, the man they are so awed about is a top comedian in Africa (that seems to now be making his way to the west?)

It’s likely that Eric himself has not heard of his growing fame in the US since he has not posted the video on any of his social media abut he probably should –he’s not just the funniest man In Africa now, he’s gaining dominion in other places too, and fast.

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And that wasn’t even the only reason he trended on Twitter today.

Eric Omondi’s real age just leaked and people cannot believe it. According to social media, the information on the internet is wrong and it turns out that Eric is 44 years old. Many people in #KOT seem to be taken aback by the fact that Eric Omondi is in his forties, let alone mid-forties. 

For some reason, most of his fans through that Eric is in his early thirties, particularly because of his body size and the fact that he is so athletic and youthful in his personality.

Well, turns out he is a bit older than that.

Some people came out to support, saying that Eric’s age should not be surprising. He apparently started out in Churchill show in his early thirties and has grown his comedy in all manner of ways since then for over a decade now.

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Other’s refuted these claims saying that he just finished his University a while back and he was much younger than that, so there is no way he is in his mid-forties. 

For many though, Eric’s comedy clashes with his age.

You must admit though, Eric looks extremely good for a forty four year old –he keeps fit, keeps his mind active, resolves conflict swiftly (remember the hilarious Andrew Kibe spiel?), and lo and behold, he says he’ll probably stay single forever.

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