Eric Omondi Compares Himself To Diamond Platnumz

Does he have a point?

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Eric Omondi and Diamond Platnumz
Eric Omondi, the self-proclaimed president of comedy in Africa, has been blowing his own trumpet once again. This time, however, the controversial star brought up Diamond’s name while he was defending his recent antics.

It was during an interview on Citizen TV’s 10 over 10 show on Friday, that Eric Omondi declared himself and Diamond as the most talked about celebrities in East Africa.

In the caption, Eric noted that he isn’t a clout chaser, as fans and other media personalities claim, but rather he is just an entertainer who knows how to get the people intrigued with what he does. 

The comedian went on to explain that he feels like he is the biggest entertainer that Kenya has ever had (strong words from the comedian). In his defense though, Eric has been trending in Kenya for the past few weeks for various reasons and Kenyans seem to be entertained with his antics as he is not ashamed to push the envelope.

The comedian noted just as much, as he pointed out that he believes the work of entertainers, more so comedians, is to cross the line and mirror what is going on in society. 

His claims elicited comments from some of his industry associates, Ugandan comedian Kansiime, who took her time to tell her contemporary to continue with what he is doing.

Screenshot of Kansiime reacting to Eric's post.

On the other hand, however, Sauti Sol’s lead vocalist Bien took another route. The two have been involved in an online war of words ever since Eric pointed out that Kenyan artists are whack. The vocalist checked Eric and told him that his antics are nothing to marvel at as they don’t lead to anything.

Screenshot of Kansiime reacting to Eric's post.

Bien might be a bit wrong here though because, for all his faults, Eric has never been accused of misusing the clout that he chases. The comedian often backs up his antics with new releases, one of the antics that got Eric in trouble over the past few weeks was him faking a pregnancy with Miss P.

It turned out that the fake pregnancy shoot was a promotional stunt for a new music video the pair were working on. They released their music video Baby Shower, which was met with mixed reviews from fans, however, the campaign to promote the song has seen Eric and Miss P go out of their way to help expectant mothers in various areas of the country.

The two even partnered with Nairobi Governor Ann Kananu to give away some free essential baby products like diapers to expectant mothers in the county.  
What’s your take on the issue? Do you believe that Eric is as prominent an entertainer as Diamond? Or is he just mentioning the superstar to get people talking about him again?
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