DJ Shiti Turns Eric Omondi Into Meme

What a joke

By  | Nov 17, 2021, 10:32 AM  | Eric Omondi  | Top of The

DJ Shiti
Eric Omondi was all over the news yesterday as he took to the streets to protest a cause that has been dear to his heart for the past couple of weeks, and DJ Shiti has something to say about it.

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Eric has been fighting a war for Kenyan artists, even though none of them asked him to do it, to be able to get more respect within the local music industry.

His fight led him to parliament on Tuesday, whereby he had announced that he would take a proposed bill to parliament that would help support local artists get more airplay in the country, with a play 75 percent local content demand.

It seems that the police also saw his message, the boys in blue were already AT the scene as they bundled the Kenyan comedian into a police truck and proceeded to detain him at Nairobi’s Central Police station for a few hours.

Following the ordeal, Eric went ahead to state that he would continue with his fight. He noted that he would be making his way to parliament every Tuesday to fight for his contemporaries to get better treatment from an industry to which he alludes gives better treatment to international acts.

Another top comedian, DJ Shiti seemed to agree with Eric Omondi’s sentiments. The popular comedian took to his Instagram to let his followers know that he stand with Eric Omondi. In a caption accompanying his post, the comedian noted that he believes that change will come.

The funny part of the story, however, seeing as we are dealing with comedians, is that Shiti had a meme ready for the situation. He took a clip of himself in a scene of The Real House Helps Of Kawangware, whereby he is addressing a disheveled Nkirote. 

He titled the meme, ‘Eric Omondi akipatana na Ezekiel Mutua after amerilisiwa’ (Eric Omondi meeting up with Ezekiel Mutua after his release). In this instance, we suppose he is Ezekiel Mutua, and the unkempt-looking Nkirote is Eric Omondi.

All joking aside, do you think that Eric Omondi is fighting a noble war? Most Kenyans believe that the star, a serial attention seeker, is just doing it for the clout. What is your opinion on this matter?

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