Elsa Majimbo Secures The Bag With Fenty Beauty

Your favourite girl has scored herself a deal with Rihanna's Fenty Beauty

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Best known for her dry comedy and brutally honest videos on Twitter and Instagram, Elsa Majimbo has been entertaining people online since earlier this year when she went viral. Originally from Kenya, she has had a huge following outside of the country, especially in South Africa, she has also been featured by global media platforms like Guardian, New York Times, CNN, BBC, and others.

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Elsa broke the amazing news of her securing the bag with the global superstar, Rihanna's, Fenty Beauty on her Twitter account. As usual, she Tweeted her trademark videos with the caption...

"My 19-year-old self got a chance to work with @FentyOfficial. I’m so proud, Thanking the Fenty fam, they’ve been so amazing, and Rihanna for this amazing brand!"
While Rihanna and Fenty beauty shared the exact same video on their Instagram and Twitter profiles, respectively, with the caption...

"Weekend antics with Kenyan comic Elsa @majimb.o wearing every shade of Fenty. Happy Sunday, everyone."
A lot of fellow African women were happy for Elsa, it means a lot for them to have their favourite girl securing the bag with their favourite make-up brand. Patricia Kikoro was among the first Kenyans to congratulate her.
But mostly, it was South Africans in the comments section, claiming Elsa as theirs because she has a huge following in their country and a lot of women find her confidence to be very relatable. Miss Pru the DJ and ThickLeeYonce were among the first South African celebrities to congratulate her.
One fellow Kenyan citizen even had a theory as to why South Africans were claiming her as theirs and he might be right.

"The guys over at Fenty are smart. They capitalized on Elsa's South African audience which can afford those expensive sun glasses. Ingekuwa here core audience ni Kenyans saa hii angekuwa anauza noodles na jaba juice.
He reckons that Fenty Eyewear made a strategic move since they have a larger following in South Africa and Elsa also has a larger following in the country, so it makes business sense for the brand to commission Elsa as their ambassador. Although we don't have much truth regarding this theory, the important thing is that an African, brown-skin girl is securing her bag, love her or hate her, Elsa Majimbo is the Queen that she thinks she is.

Do you think South Africans find Elsa funnier than Kenyans and do you think Fenty Beauty made a good strategic move?

Main Image Credit: Aw Magazine