Edgar Obare Says Goodbye To His Fans

The end of an era

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If you liked Edgar Obare’s tea, well too bad because the blogger isn’t serving anymore. At least that is what I would like to think after he said goodbye to his fans on his Instagram post. Edgar Obare revealed on Saturday that his brother had been kidnapped and tortured so that he could reveal the tea master’s whereabouts.
Through an Instagram post, an angry and sad Edgar wondered why the people who were behind that would do that to his brother- someone who had done nothing wrong. The blogger revealed that something similar happened to him last year but no action was taken even after he reported the matter to the police.

His brother’s kidnapping captured the attention of many celebrities including those he previously exposed. Terrence Creative comment on Edgar’s video left many surprised. Terrence in the comment section said that as much as he doesn’t agree with what Edgar does, he sympathized with the blogger saying what ‘they’ did to his brother was not fair. In case you are wondering when their beef started, Edgar exposed Terrence after he cheated on his wife. 

Activist Boniface Mwangi and Tuko journalist Lynn Ngugi also spared some time to take it on social media to condemn what happened to Edgar Obare’s brother. Boniface has been standing with Edgar Obare from day one. He offered to provide a safe house for the blogger if ever he needed one.

As for city socialite Bridget Achieng, she was not going to sugarcoat anything. In an Instagram caption that she has since edited, she couldn’t hide her joy. She called Edgar an oppressor who deserved everything that was happening in his life. It seems like Bridget is still bitter about how Edgar shared her nudes but truth be told, the nudes were already circulating on social media before Edgar shared them so baby girl needs to calm down. Of course, the Obare mafia wasn’t going to let her go free. Her post is currently filled with supporters of Edgar Obare- Update- she has disabled her comment section!

Amira from the real housewives of Syokimau wasn’t going to be left behind on the issue. Do you think she is supporting him? Wrong! Uhm, sis, whatever happened to loyalty? Amira opened up to Edgar Obare and revealed how her husband Jamal Roho Safi threatened to kill her, not once or twice, she went to Edgar Obare for help and the blogger did come through for her. In the Syokimau drama, it was obvious that Edgar was on Amira’s side. So for her to say she doesn’t agree with what he was doing, after all, they have ‘been through’ is just, absurd. Let’s just give it a few minutes and Obare mafia will definitely strike back.

Edgar Obare is not new to controversies, he has had to speak about different topics on his page. With Edgar’s post, I am not sure if he is saying goodbye for good or we will still get to see a little bit of him. Every Wednesday and Saturday, the blogger advertises small businesses on his instastories. Is he going to give up on that as well? 

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