What’s Keeping DJ Mo and Size 8 Up at Night?

No sleep

By  | Jan 14, 2021, 10:23 AM  | DJ Mo  | Top of The

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If you see DJ Mo looking tired as if he hasn’t gotten a wink of sleep, guess who’s to blame. It’s his two adorable babies! 

The gospel DJ has taken to social media to share a cute video of his two children fast asleep. He’s shared this on Instagram, with the caption, “Hawa niwafanyie nini. Imagine when we meet and I look tired, this is the reason... everyone has their own room but this 2 katikati ya usiku they have to come to our bed. Now me and wife @size8reborn we are squatters. Kwa bed yetu.. @muraya.jnr he doesn’t even care @ladashabelle.wambo no words for you.”

The DJ jokingly says that his wife and he have become guests in their own bed thanks to these two cuties.

Cute pictures after scandalous ones.

This is surprisingly wholesome content. Recently, the DJ has been mired with claims of infidelity. After we all thought it was over with, DJ Mo’s alleged lover has shared more details about their affair. On her Instagram, the Kenyan woman based in Bahrain shared that, “We smashed one time and that was in 2016 but we became friends, he has a wife and I have a man. I did clear that story.”

This confused everyone as it was previously reported that they have a long-drawn affair. There were even photographs and videos that were shared. Now it seems that it was just a one-night fling. After that, she stated that it wasn’t her who leaked the information to the bloggers, but a friend of hers. With all this going on, many fans are now under the impression that the whole affair was staged for publicity. 

PR stunt after PR stunt?

We really wouldn’t be surprised if this was a PR stunt. The alleged affair had garnered a lot of attention. The lady involved also got a lot of PR and fame from the headlines that this generated. Either way, it’s fine since DJ Mo and Size 8 seem to have recovered from the entire ordeal.

A major reason they held it together it probably these two beautiful babies we’re seeing in that video. It makes sense, as a peaceful household is a happy household. What more can we expect from these two celebrities in this new year? We’re hoping for more wholesome, family stories. We’ll keep checking out their social media for more positive and uplifting posts to share with our readers.

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