DJ Mo Confirms Size 8 Isn’t Pregnant

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DJ Mo and Size 8
Size 8’s husband DJ Mo has revealed that his beautiful wife isn’t pregnant again. This reveals comes a few weeks after rumors doing the rounds on the internet suggested that the popular gospel singer might be pregnant again. 

DJ Mo made this revelation via his Instagram page, the popular gospel DJ shared a photo of him and his wife. In the photo, the DJ was holding onto his wife’s belly as if to suggest that she could be with child once more.

The popular DJ then went on to caption the photo noting that they are set to make a big reveal soon, but it has nothing to do with his wife being pregnant. As if he knew fans would jump to the conclusion that Size 8 is pregnant again, DJ Mo jumped into his own comment section to reiterate that the big reveal has nothing to do with pregnancy.

Fans were left speculating in the comment section as the picture had suggested one thing but DJ Mo’s comments suggested something entirely different. What do you think their big reveal could be?

Size 8 had the internet talking

Four months after losing a second child, gospel singer cum pastor, Linet Munyali who goes by Size 8 has been rumored to be pregnant again.  

The rumors that the mother of two might be expecting started after a video she posted on her Instagram page whereby she was preaching the word of God went viral after her fans started to comment by congratulating her on being pregnant again.
Screenshots of fans convinced Size 8 is pregnant

In the video, the singer certainly seems pregnant as her stomach was protruding outwards. Various blogs and news sites covered the pregnancy as news. Her fans, however, were not convinced that she was with child just yet and were adamant that Size 8 just had a postpartum belly and were convinced that she was not pregnant.
Screenshot of fans convinced it's her postpartum belly.

Love like this

Size 8 is certainly a strong woman, upon losing her child she has been able to continue living her life. With a man like DJ Mo by her side, it’s easy to see how she is able to continue living her life even after such a major loss.

In the period after she lost her baby, the singer has been ordained as a pastor, and she recently released her first-ever full-length album after years in the music industry.

Youtube embed

DJ Mo once again showed that he was a supportive husband as he chased Ringtone from his wife’s album launch after he started trash-talking during the event. The two almost went to blows over this. The moral here is never to mess with DJ Mo’s wife. Do you hope to find a love like this one day? 

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