Kenyan Celebrities Who Don’t Take Alcohol

No alcohol please!

By  | Apr 26, 2021, 11:44 AM  | DJ Joe Mfalme  | Top of The

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There are so many ways of having fun. The way you choose to enjoy yourself is not always the same as someone else. Some go out for lunch, others skiing, and some find happiness in the brown bottle. 

Just because someone is famous and has all the money in the world doesn’t mean they take alcohol. Below are some artists in Kenya who don’t take alcohol; well, at least that’s what they say. 

The OG is a very vocal artist; even with all this, he doesn’t drink alcohol. Hard to believe, right? The rapper decided not to indulge in booze when he was very young, 12 years old.  He says the decision was personal, and it seems he is doing pretty well with that choice.

According to our sources, DJ Joe enjoys having water and energy drinks, EVEN during night events. He doesn’t fancy the brown bottle.

Victor Wanyama

Thanks to fat cheques that footballers earn from playing, most indulge in alcohol like no tomorrow. However, for our star Wanyama, he doesn’t drink at all.

The ‘Noma ni’ hitmaker strongly believes that buying and taking alcohol is a total wastage of time and money that could be used in other important things. 

King Kaka doesn’t have a reason why he doesn’t take alcohol; he says he finds it ‘not interesting.’ As for his guests, he doesn’t mind serving them alcoholic drinks.

Other international celebrities who don’t take alcohol include 50 cent, Tyra, Jennifer Lopez, Eminem, and Bruce Willis. 

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