DJ Mfalme Says Villagers Ridiculed Him After Sacking From Radio

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By  | May 14, 2021, 10:03 AM  | DJ Joe Mfalme  | Top of The

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Months after being fired from Homeboyz radio, DJ Joe Mfalme has come out to claim that those from his village ridiculed him for being a DJ.

On Friday, he took to his social media to reveal that his villagers laughed at his decision to be a Disk Jockey.

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He said the villagers accused him of losing focus in life for being an entertainer and discouraged him from pursuing his dream of being a DJ.
DJ Joe Mfalme. Photo: Instagram

"When I choose to become a DJ I'll never forget how some people laughed at us in shaggz and some discouraging me and telling my parents "kijana yako sasa amekua mkora," DJ Joe said.

DJ Joe said it is his DJ career that has now enabled him to buy a piece of land and build his mother a mansion.

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"Fast forward 12 years later, the land was bought and Mom's house has been completed thanks to this Hustle," he said.

He further noted that no one should ever look down upon one's career. He said with dedication and discipline, any career can make one proper.

"Hii dunia usitharau kazi ya mtu. One lesson I have learned, in anything that you do, if you put your best foot forward and you become disciplined, you MUST SUCCEED," DJ Joe Mfalme advised.
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