Did You Know These Celebs Used To Be Fat?

Not that there's anything wrong with being fat

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We’re not saying that there’s something wrong with being on the higher side of the weight scale but would you believe it if we told you that these celebs were once fat? You probably would, you know, given your knowledge about them. But if a stranger met these celebrities for the first time and they were told that they were once overweight, they wouldn’t believe it. Here is a list of celebrities who have shed a whole lot of pounds:

Anerlisa Muigai

Daughter to Keroche Breweries owner, Anerlisa Muigai struggled with losing weight for a really long time before she finally reached her weight goal. Anerlisa had struggled for over ten years to lose weight and in 207, she won the battle after joining a weight loss camp. There she was introduced to the yo-yo dieting and juicing and two years later, she was 58 kilograms lighter! Anerlisa still maintains her new weight by regularly going to the gym and following a vegan diet. Since shedding all that weight, the Executive Still Water owner started her own app which helps people stay fit and lose weight. 


Former Necessary Noize member, Nazizi also went through the journey of weight loss. Kenyans knew Nazizi as a plump woman but she shocked everyone when she re-emerged after years of going silent looking slimmer and healthier. According to Nazizi, she lost over 40Kgs, something that helped her rediscover her love for music. Nazizi looks banging in her new body and if you didn’t know her, you wouldn’t believe that she’s now a mother of two kids! Way to go Nazizi!

Fashionable Step Mum

Source: www.fashionablestepmum.com

Lifestyle and fashion blogger, Catherine Kariuki also used to be a plump girl. She has been vocal about her weight loss journey in which she lost a total of 36 Kgs! While she does not hide the fact that she had a little help in losing weight by going through surgery, we still have to give it to her. The mother of one and step mum to six other kids lives a healthy lifestyle by constantly gyming and eating clean! If you saw her, she still looks as though she’s 20.

Johnson Sakaja

Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja is also a weight-loss warrior after he revealed that he had lost a total of 24 Kgs. Speaking on his weight loss journey, Sakaja credited his weight loss to constantly going to the gym and watching portion sizes. He also revealed that a big part of his gaining weight was alcohol intake, something he was working on quitting. 

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