What Fans Noticed About Diana Marua Sister’s Son

Can you see it too?

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Diana Marua’s sister Michelle has said an adorable video of her son, Reign who is, by the way, the most adorable baby ever in the celebrity world. I mean, have you seen his face, my God! Even Michelle herself said she couldn’t hide his face for so long. She wanted the whole world to see how handsome his son’s face is. Even I would do the same. Y’all gotta see what I made! 

Anyway, so fans have noticed that baby Reign really looks like Diana Marua. Honestly, there is no lie. Anyways, people say that my daughter resembles my sister but that is okay because they are related right? She is her aunt. So Diana Marua and Reign are like twins! Kwanza the nose. I am pretty sure you’d confuse her to be his mom.

The bond between Diana Marua and Reign s truly unbreakable because Diana has really loved this boy ever since she was still in Michelle’s womb. Ever since Michelle announced that she is expecting her third baby, Diana has done nothing but surprise her little sister with the best.

First, it started with settling all Mchellle’s hospital bills. Can you imagine that? Having a big sister is one thing, having one that has offered to pay for your delivery bills is another! She took her to the hospital to introduce her to the team of doctors and she was in tears!

As if that was not enough. After Michelle delivered her baby, Diana again, surprised her sister by renovating her house. Did you watch that vlog by the way? I was in tears the whole time. I mean, what can’t Diana do? She is going all the way for her small sister. Everyone deserves a Diana in their lives.

The bond between Diana Marua and her sister Michelle is unbreakable! I wish all sisters were like that. I am not trying to complain about mine but I am just saying, lol. These two have been through a lot together! Remember the youtube video they shared where they talked about their childhood, how their dad was so strict that they always ended up in the streets. Quite a story right? Most of these are living the lives that we all want to live but most of them have stories that would make you shed tears. True, some of them were born in riches while some had to work hard to build a name for themselves, and for people like Diana Marua and her sister Michelle happy, leave them alone, they deserve it.

I can’t wait to see baby Reign grow up. For the longest time, Majesty Bahati was the baby of the family but too bad Majesty, that crown has been taken by baby Reign. Michelle already has two kids. The twins he got with her baby when she was only nineteen years old and now Reign. Will he resemble the twins? Or his mom or dad? Or Diana maybe? Lol. I wouldn’t be surprised, these two resemble each other!

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