Diana Marua Slammed By Fans For Recent Video

Mbona anasumbua mtoto?

By  | Oct 08, 2021, 06:10 AM  | Diana Marua  | Top of The

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Youtuber Diana Marua, or Auntie madoo if you like, has got her fans talking after she shared her video of Heaven in one of her wigs. In the video, you can hear telling Heaven how to pose and all that.

Turn around slowly, now blow a  kiss, again. 

You can then hear Heaven saying that is enough. As much as a huge number of her followers loved the video, there were those who went all crazy on Diana telling her anasumbua mtoto because as you can see, the hair seems to be almost longer (taller) than her, lol. And the fact that Heaven said enough hehhh, she gave her mom’s followers reason to think that she was not enjoying it.


The other section of the fans were happy because this is a three year old, already rocking human hair weave that is estimated to be around thirty thousand Kenyan shillings. And here I am struggling with Abuja braids that are estimated to be around four hundred shillings but such is life ama? Tuna move tu.

I would compare Heaven with Zari’s daughter, Tiffah. Zari has four sons and Tiffah. She is close to her mother because- you know, she is the only girl in the family. Same to Heaven Bahati. Diana has Majesty and Morgan. Of course, these two are going to bond over things like make up and human hair weaves blab la bla. So when you see a video of Heaven putting high heels on, don’t get offended and start schooling Diana on how to raise a kid, they are just bonding and I am one hundred percent sure that Heaven’s safety is what comes first.

Do you remember when Heaven got sick? This was one of the tough times in Diana’s life.

At this moment in time, everything flashed in front of my eyes. It was me against my thoughts. I was so helpless, I couldn't pray, I couldn't talk, she stared straight into my eyes, my heart was racing so fast.

The mother of three went through a lot during the days she spent at the hospital with her daughter.

I kept reassuring her we're going home, just one more night, I watched her sleep the whole night in distress. I couldn't even tell how one minute we were playing and the next we are in a hospital bed. I thank God for you my Piece of Heaven. Thank you, God for her Healing.
Diana Marua is also an entrepreneur. As much as her schedules are usually so busy, she still gets time to spend some quality time with her daughter and sons oh and her husband. I think her followers need to be chill about this video, Diana Marua had pure intentions not to make her daughter feel uncomfortable in any way but just some quality bonding.

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