Diana Marua Rapping With New Bestie (Video)

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Diana Marua has excited fans with her latest video jamming to one of Bahati's songs, Fikra za Bahati. The video has really excited fans as most of them have lauded the mother of three for always lighting up their world with her positive energy. 

Diana is seen holding her phone and pretending it's a mic and proudly singing a part of the lyrics that goes; Mamako akinipenda niite baba wa kambo...Wasani kwa uwanja na deal nao kirambo....

In the video, Diana was next to musician Vinny Flava. Vinny Flava has lately been posting the Bahati's on his social media page. If he is not thanking Bahati for believing in him, he is posting Diana Marua. One time, he shared a video of him at EMB (Eastlands Most Beloved) records saying that when he is not recording, he is creating beats. He went ahead and thanked Bahati for believing in him to which Bahati responded to him insinuating that they should drop banger soon.

Could Vinny Flava be signed under EMB and Diana is promoting him? This won't be the first time the Bahati's have pulled a fast one on us. Over the years they have pulled publicity stunts in the name of remaining 'relevant'. Let’s take a look back at some of the times that Diana and Bahati played us. 

Mtaachana Tu

Last year, the Bahati’s took their fans for a ride after they hinted that they had broken up. The two trended for a week only for Bahati to release a new song dubbed mtaachana tu and revealed that he wrote the song after fans criticized their relationship claiming that they won’t last forever. He said that his relationship with Diana was going to stay forever since they were meant to be. Of course, KOT, Kenyans On Twitter, were not going to take this lightly. They came up with several memes urging artists to come up with better ways of promoting their songs. 

Love like this album poster 

As if the staged breakup was not enough, the retired gospel artist released the Love like this album and the poster is what everyone was talking about. He had a vixen hold him in a suggestive way and fans called him out asking whether Diana was okay with the poster. To make things worse, the vixen was also called Diana, and in an interview, she revealed that Diana Marua told her to hold Bahati tight, something that sparked a lot of reactions among netizens.

Diana Marua has always portrayed the supportive wife character. If any of her videos require a background song, he will always choose one of Bahati’s But does that mean she has to follow into Bahati’s footsteps of chasing clout? Probably Vinny and Bahati are working on a new song and Diana is doing all she can to make Vinny famous. The Bahati’s are currently touring the country and it seems like they carried a plus one, Vinny. Whether these two are working on an album or not, we are here for it and waiting to hear how it will sound like. 

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