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So sad….

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Bahati’s wife, Diana Marua is mourning the death of her grand mother. She took it to social media to make the announcement that the person who took her mother’s place was no more. She shared an emotional video of her and her sister Michelle asking their grandmother about how she used to bake a cake for them when they were young. The video ends with Diana telling her that she is the best. 

The video was taken on the 28th of May when Diana’s grandmother was admitted in the hospital. Diana expressed how it was difficult to see her grandmother in that state of being in pain. Diana revealed that all they were left with was trusting in God. 

The mother of one woke up to the sad news yesterday morning that her sweet grandmother had passed away. According to Diana, her grand mother did everything for her and her sister. Even when they had nowhere to go, their shosh provided them with a place to stay. She further appreciated the role that she played in their lives as a mother.

Diana Marua and her sister Michelle recently revealed that after their parents failed to work out, their mother left and so their father had to take care of them. In an emotional video, the two urged parents to be easy on their kids. In the video, Michelle revealed that she almost became a street kid since she wanted to stay far away from home. Their father was so strict, they would always choose to be anywhere but not home. She revealed an incident where they were almost kidnapped by a man who had promised to give them a better life. 

This was 28th of May... The day my Grandma was admitted in Hospital. Its been difficult to see you suffer in hospital even as we did the best we could to see you get better. All was left was to Trust in God amidst all the uncertainties.
 I Woke up to the Sad News Yesterday morning that The Lord took the Most Precious Person in our lives. You did everything for me Shosho when I had no where else to go to. You played the role of being Mummy in her absence and for that I'll forever be grateful.

You suffered too much for the two months that you were in the hospital. I drove back home from the hospital crying, I cried myself to sleep, it was too much for me to handle. I couldn't take it anymore. 

It seems like these two will have it tough with the passing of their loving grandmother. If indeed she stepped in a mom that the two didn’t have, then it must be really hard for them.

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