Diana Marua Discusses Baby Names (Video)

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Diana Marua
Popular YouTuber Diana Marua has been talking about baby names following a viral video that convinced her fans that she was pregnant with her and Bahati’s third-born kid.

Diana was having this discussion with popular YouTube host Nicholas Kioko. The host asked her what she would name her third child. Diana at first noted that she has no idea what she would call her hypothetical baby.

Nicholas went on to press Diana about the issue, noting that she is a good name-giver as both her kids have good names. Diana then noted that if she had a name in mind, she wouldn’t want to say it as people would steal the name.   

“I don’t have a name because I’ve not thought about it. I’ve given names to all my nephews and my nieces”. Diana further explained, while staying coy about the possibility of being pregnant herself. 

According to reports by Pulse Live, the YouTuber stated that it is not a problem if she is expecting another kid, stating that children are a gift from God. Diana also stated that having another child would be the nicest gift she could give to her husband, who is running for a parliamentary seat in Mathare.

“If there’s another child coming, well and good. Children are a blessing and If I add another bundle into my family, I think they would come sorted and I think that’s the best blessing I can give Mheshimiwa,” she said.

As earlier mentioned, all this baby talk regarding the Bahatis’ came about because fans noticed something on a video shared by popular Tik Tok dancer Moya David.

The dancer shared a video of himself dancing for Diana Marua during what appeared to be an Oppo promotional event. In the video posted to his page, fans were convinced that they could notice a baby bump and that Diana was carrying her third child.

Fans took to the comment section to share their thoughts on the video which featured David doing his signature dance for the beautiful YouTuber. Most comments, however, were about what fans noticed about  Diana. The fans were convinced that she was pregnant.

A few months ago Diana had hinted that she could be pregnant again, the star might have accidentally revealed her pregnancy on her Instagram stories when she was promoting one of her YouTube shows.

In this show, the star usually visits fans and has conversations with them on her YouTube live in a bid to share their messages with her millions of fans.
Screenshots of Diana Marua visiting her fans.
On this particular visit, Diana met up with a fan who has an infant child. The star was so taken aback by the child that she made a declaration noting that she wants another baby.
Diana already has two children with her husband Bahati. The two parents are proud parents to Heaven and Majesty Bahati; a beautiful daughter and a handsome son respectively.
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