Diana Marua Discloses What Her Dad Did To Her

Too painful!

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Diana Marua is a YouTuber, influencer, wife, and most of all, a mother of three. Together with her sister, Mitchell, the two have decided to share their childhood story that made many cry in the comment section. 

Just like Diana, Mitchell is always smiling. Her laughter is contagious
. She is also a great makeup artist by the way. She is responsible for the many face beats that Diana Marua always slays. However, what many fans did not know was that, behind all the laughter and smiles, the two still hold on to a sad memory caused by their father when they were young. After things failed to work out between their parents, their mother left so the two were raised by their father.

Mitchell revealed that she was forced to run away from home with her sister since she feared her father way too much. She would run away and sleep on the streets, to her, this was better than sleeping at home. They would be fine sleeping on the streets, hoping that nothing bad would happen to them but not in their father’s home.

Painfully, she said that she called their mother several times to come and pick her but she never did. Mitchelle had no choice but to endure what their dad put them through. Every time it got worse, she would opt to sleep in the streets.

She further said that there is a time when they were almost kidnapped by a stranger who had promised to give them a better life and good education. 

Michelle and Diana advised parents to find a way of raising their kids without instilling fear in them. For Diana, due to what they were going through at home, she was performing very poorly in school.

Below are some of the reactions of netizens towards the story:

I also used to run away from home because of my dad's beatings and up until now, I've never been able to understand how big my mistakes were that this man would beat me like that. They say parents should be honored by not everyone deserves to be a parent. Toxic, violent, and narcissistic parents make a child grow up with so many mental issues. The most disappointing thing is that my mom stayed with this man all through

Mbona nalia? sad story, But the fact that you made it this far tells me God has you. God carried you. Even D.

How is your relationship now with your dad..?? Does he visit you now?? Have you ever heard his story ???like Why he was so tough,how it felt not having his kids in the house due to his punishments??

most people in the world are struggling with childhood traumas, accepting your past, seeking therapy and healing is part of the ways one can get over with these traumas.

Growing up without a mum is just something else,,, I can tell a story and tell and tell😭😭😭😭. Anyways 😢

Be careful when you’re out here judging people cus you never know what they have had to live through. I wasn’t ready for this.😢

My question is why do parents devolop hatred towards their kids, in the name of displline

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