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Kenyan musician Diana B and her partner Bahati have landed a major ambassadorial deal in Dubai. The couple shared the news on Instagram, where they announced that they had been appointed as Kenyan brand ambassadors to Dubai by the Dubai Tourism Board. 

They also mentioned that they would be competing with South Africa to showcase the beauty of Dubai to their followers using the hashtag #DubaiAtoZ.

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Diana excitedly shared that she had already explored several spots in Dubai, including the Kempinski at the Mall of the Emirates and Al-Fanar. She expressed her excitement to experience all the other attractions in the city.

The couple is among a select group of content creators chosen by the Dubai Tourism Board to promote the city.

In a video announcing their arrival in Dubai, the couple is seen wearing matching black and red outfits. Diana is seen wearing furry sliders, while Bahati chose white open-toe sandals.

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The video also shows glimpses of their flight and intimate moments between the couple.
Bahati shared videos of the activities they took part in, as well as their hotel, where they will be staying for the next few days. He referred to Diana as his queen and thanked the Dubai government for the opportunity.

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Diana shared a video of the couple's sweet moment and thanked the Dubai government for appointing them as brand ambassadors. Fans and friends congratulated the couple on their big win, expressing their excitement for them.

Diana B and Bahati's appointment as brand ambassadors to Dubai is a significant achievement for the Kenyan music industry. It highlights the growing popularity and influence of Kenyan artists and their ability to represent their country and region on a global platform.

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Dubai, like many other tourist destinations, is actively seeking to attract visitors and revive its tourism industry. Diana B and Bahati's role as brand ambassadors will undoubtedly help promote Dubai's unique offerings and attract more visitors to the city.
Diana B and Bahati have a significant following on social media, making them excellent ambassadors for the Dubai Tourism Board. Their loyal fanbase is likely to follow their journey in Dubai and be influenced to visit the city themselves. The couple's appointment as brand ambassadors also demonstrates the power of social media in promoting tourism and its potential to drive economic growth.

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In addition to promoting tourism, Diana B and Bahati's appointment as brand ambassadors is likely to inspire other Kenyan artists to pursue similar opportunities.

It highlights the importance of artistic expression and its ability to transcend borders and cultures. The appointment is also a testament to the growing recognition of African talent on the global stage.

Congratulations to Diana B and Bahati on their ambassadorial deal with Dubai Tourism Board! This is an excellent opportunity for them to showcase their talents and promote Kenya, East and Central Africa in one of the world's top tourist destinations.
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