What Zuchu Was Doing When Zari Arrived To See Diamond


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We’ve already told you that Zari is back in Tanzania with her kids to visit her ex Diamond. She has taken the effort and time to explain why she is back to see her ex, after a highly publicized, nasty breakup.

This gets quite interesting because not so long ago, Diamond publicly declared his love for Zuchu. Before that, he had posted a fine girl with a big butt, leading to many speculating that it was the new girlfriend. The girl, Pat Aika, is said to be engaged and is set to wed next year.
Things get quite complicated now. Diamond bought Zari a Bentley, and also bought Hamisa a car. He has been ignoring Tanasha for a while. Despite everything, Simba still plans to leave his wealth for all his children, split equally.

So what was Zuchu doing when Zari arrived in Tanzania? Well, turns out she was out of town, in Dodoma, for a government event. She was attending the inauguration of President Magufuli, who recently won another term to be president.
The poster she put up shows that she was performing at the event. Taking to Instagram, she thanked the government for choosing her to be one of the entertainers at the event. The event took place at Jamhuri Stadium in Dodoma.

Zari on her part has said that she is only in Tanzania to let kids spend time with their dad. They hadn’t seen their dad for 2 years. 

‘There is a lot happening on social media but for me, I just brought the kids because the father wants to see them. He couldn’t travel to Tanzania because he is held up. He really missed the kids and it has been two years. It's understandable,’ Zari said.

We will see how things go and keep you updated! Will Diamond keep on saying how much he loves Zuchu? Will he try to woo Zari back? Time will tell!

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