Striking Resembles Between Diamond And His Children

From Walking To Physical Appearance

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Diamond Platnumz has been blessed with four beautiful children. Only two of these children come from the same mother while the rest have different mothers.

Despite Diamond's children coming from different mothers, they not only have a little resemblance among themselves but also with him.

The resembles between him and his children are so much that some of the children need no introduction to identify them as his children.

In this article, we are going to look at some of the striking resemblances the children have with the Wasafi boss;

Naseeb Junior

Naseeb Junior, Diamond's son with Tanasha Donna, is one of the singer's children who has taken a lot from him. Actually, some regard him as Diamond's photocopy.

The young Naseeb has taken everything from his senior, Diamond, from his eyes to the shape of his head.

The striking resemblance between Naseeb and his father has even made his grandmother, Mama Dangote to refer to him as Tom Kaka junior.

Mama Dangote has also claimed that Tanasha's son has also inherited her diastema.

"MIMI KAMA MIMI NAUONA MWANYA WA BI SANDRAH 💖," Mama Dangote said in a caption of Naseeb Jr's photo.

Other than Mama Dangote recognizing the resembles, Diamond has also noted that his son is his photocopy. He has on several occasions spotted taking photos with him and showing his followers how much they resemble.

Naseeb Jr. and Diamond resemble one another so much that they normally put on the same hairstyle.

Princess Latifah

Diamond's eldest child might not be resembling him as Naseeb does, but she inherited some features from him.

Tiffah resembles her father at the mouth and eyes. This resembles has even made her being referred to as "Binti Naseeb" - meaning a female version of Diamond.

Other than the physical appearance Tiffah as of now is the only child that has inherited Diamond's love of music, art, and performance.

Same as Diamond, Tiffah in most cases will be captured on camera either walking, dancing, or singing.

Tiffah has also taken Diamond's taste of fashion as well as swagger.

The similarities between her and her father might be another reason why she is also Diamond Platnumz's favorite daughter.

Prince Nillan

Prince Nillan is one of the coolest Diamond Platnumz children a trait that his mother Zari Hassan might have borrowed his pet name, Village Boy.

He might have taken the cool nature from his father who is known as a man who doesn't like a public spat.

Other than the cool nature, Nillan has also inherited Diamond's physical appearance. Just like Naseeb Nillan has inherited Diamond's triangular face.

Just like other Diamond's children, Nillan has also taken the singer's lips.

Dylan Dangote

Dylan is Diamond's son with Hamisa Mobetto. Just like his other siblings, he has also inherited a few physical appearances from Diamond Platnumz.

Dylan and Naseeb share bigger eyes, a trait they might both have inherited from their father.

Other than the eyes, Dylan has inherited Diamond'sswagger and cool nature.

It might the tricking between Diamond and his children might be the reason he loves them so much and he occasionally visits and sends them upkeep as revealed by their mothers.
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