Is Diamond Platnumz Faking His Lifestyle?

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Diamond Platnumz’s former manager has hinted that Diamond Platnumz is among the celebrities who are faking their lifestyle. The former manager, Ostaz Juma, was speaking in an interview by Simulizi Na Sauti where he revealed that so many celebrities in Tanzania, being led by Diamond are living a fake life. He noted that so many of them are just chasing clout with things that they can’t afford and they don’t own. According to Ostaz, these celebs are broke in real life. 

Our number one artist is living a lie and that is how they have made music to be. You need to fake a lot of things to get to the top. But that is not right. They should just be real and stop giving the young generation false hope
As he was talking, he kept on talking about how the number one artist in Tanzania was faking his lifestyle but in real life, he is just a struggling artist like any other. We all know that the number one artist in Tanzania is Diamond. So why was he beating around the bush? He should have said Dimond’s name from the beginning. The interviewee decided to ask him if he is talking about Diamond Platnumz and he went on ahead to clarify that huyo kwanza is living the fakest life. 

Mimi mziki naujua. Na nimeingia kwa huo usanii kabla msanii number mmoja amenipata kwenye game. Amenikuta kwenye game. Naijua mziki wa Tanzania mimi Si eti namchukia ama nam attack najua mafanikio yake. Wapo watanzania kuwa msaniii namamoja anaweza kununua dunia. Mziki wa Tanzania inataka tuwape heshima

According to Ostaz, he has managed a number of top artists in Tanzania for some time. And as he was doing this, back then, they used to inflate performance fees for the members o the audience but in the real sense, they would take home what the organizers could offer to pay them and then try to make ends meet. He went on to make a shocking revelation that a number of artists are still doing that, including Simba himself, who is leading the list.

These artists should stop faking their lives. Most of them are living a lie just to increase their performance fees. We used to fake our performance fees. We would give a higher figure but take whatever the client offers and this is what most artists do to date, including our number one artist.
Ostaz has insisted that artists need to be real and they should avoid faking their lifestyle. He says that they are misleading young people who are looking up to them. Do you think Diamond is faking his lifestyle? I mean, it’s hard to believe and then again II am not trashing Ostaz comments. He seemed pretty confident in this interview also, why would he lie about that? What was he going to gain?

For now, we will sit and wait for Diamond to release another banger. Do you mean even these quality videos are all fake? I mean, have you watched Nitaanzaje music video? I am not trying to defend anyone but if all that is just faking, sisemi kitu.

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