Finally, Diamond And Zuchu Love Each Other Openly (SCREENSHOTS)

Mapenzi moto moto!

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For quite some time, fans have speculated that Diamond and Zuchu have a thing for each other. Despite them denying it, we finally have evidence that the two actually LOVE each other. This might not make Tanasha Donna happy.

Why are we saying this? Because Diamond has been mentoring Zuchu for the past 5 years, yet he dated Tanasha for 2 years! Their love for each other is now public. When Diamond was touring Malawi for a performance, she posted hot photos of Zuchu on his Instagram stories.

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He then used many love emojis to caption the pics. After that, he went to Zuchu’s Instagram page and dropped heart emojis on several of her photos. Zuchu did not hide her love for Diamond too, as she reposted Diamond’s Instagram stories on her page too.

It wasn’t long ago when Zuchu opened up about her relationship with Diamond. She profusely denied sleeping with the “African Beauty” singer for favors and career success.

“Ukaribu wangu na Boss wangu Diamond Platnumz ni kwa ajili ya kazi , anatumia muda mwingi kunipromote. Hajawahi hata kunionyesha dalili za kunitaka, he is like brother to me. Ni ngumu sana kucheza vile na Mtu ambae unamuheshimu, Lakini nashukuru Boss Sallam SK alisaidia kunifanya niwe Comfortable,” she said.

Well, if you notice, she said that Diamond has never shown interest in her. That means, if Diamond developed feelings for her, he would definitely ask her out. Netizens are confused as Sallam SK also went to Zuchu’s page and asked if she is single. Here’s the screenshot.

More confusion comes in because a couple of weeks ago, Diamond introduced his alleged Dutch - Tanzanian bae. It was later confirmed that the fine lady is actually engaged. She is to walk down the aisle in 2021.

Meanwhile, Tanasha Donna has previously been linked to Kenyan TV personality Jamal Gadaffi, who is actually married. After a long silence about it, Tanasha recently celebrated Gadaffi on his birthday, calling him a brother.

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Now that Diamond and Zuchu are publicly showing each other love, do you believe that they will date, get married, and make babies? Tell us on our socials!

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