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Busta Rhymes crowns Diamond

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Diamond Platnumz is once again breaking the internet – but this time it’s for a good reason.

American Rapper, Busta Rhymes seems to think that Diamond is the best African artist and has declared it to the world and to all his followers.

On Wednesday night, the American rapper shared a video of him and other artists in the studio, among them Diamond on his Instagram page

“Okay, let me zoom in on the motherfucking Michael Jackson of Africa…Diamond Platnumz motherfucker! Please be clear…” said Busta.

Diamond seems to agree with Busta and has already accepted the title because he is heard agreeing as the video zooms in, “You already know! Danger…for real mahn…”

While BET thinks otherwise, artists and fans seem to think otherwise and have proclaimed Diamond as the King of Africa. And Busta Rhymes clearly thinks Diamond is the best in Africa.

The video shared by Busta has many speculating that Diamond is working on new music with him and some other artists.

Busta also introduces Swizz Beats on the video, meaning that he might be their producer for the song they are working on and fans can’t keep calm!

“Stay tuned FUCKA’S!!!” Busta captioned the video post.

Diamond’s mother, Mama Dangote has expressed how proud she is of her son and has also shared the video on her Instagram page feed.

Diamond’s fans as well seem to agree that he is indeed the Michael Jackson of Africa and comments praising him trickled in the comments section.

Despite his BET loss, Diamond’s music career is already looking up and he’s about to go international when his collaboration with Busta comes out. 

A day after he lost, Diamond released his music video for his song, Kamata and now has over 1 Million views on YouTube. The video has also come with its own fair share of drama. Netizens were quick to point out that an aspect of his video was copied from Burna Boy’s Kilometer music video.

Additionally, Willy Paul said that the video idea for the Kamata video was copied from his song, Nikune with Nadia Mukami. Read the full story HERE

Diamond and Swizz Beats

Well, if you’re wondering how Diamond came about to be in this crew, we’ve got all the information right here.

In 2020, Diamond did a collaboration with Alicia Keys, who is also Swizz Beat’s wife. The song’s official audio, Wasted Energy, has over 2 million views. Swizz Beats produces Alicia’s music so we think that is how they met and became friends.

Swizz is probably the one who linked Diamond with the other artists, Busta included. Plus, the studio they were in is actually in Swizz’s house and this is the second time Diamond is being invited there.

However they came about though, we know the music they are about to release will be a banger.

Swizz Beats is one of the best producers in the USA and is known to have produced music for musicians such as Kanye West, DMX and Alicia Keys.

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