A Morning In The Life Of Diamond Platnumz (video)

Not easy being a superstar

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Diamond Platnumz
When we think of Diamond Platnumz, we often envision a flashy superstar who lives a luxurious lifestyle full of expensive; cars, houses, holidays, and clothes. However, has the thought of how the singer is able to churn out hits after hits at such a high level of consistency, to keep himself and his family living this wealthy lifestyle, ever crossed your mind?   

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Fans don’t often wonder about how the sausage is made when it comes to their favourite celebrities, we just want to enjoy their wonderful content and keep it moving, only stopping to check if there is any drama in their lives, or checking their IG pages to see what latest trendy item they are promoting, or the latest party they attended, or their latest significant other, all in a bid to live vicariously through their actions.

It’s not bad to admire stars or aspire to be like them. In fact, it’s how most of them got to where they are. They had role models they looked up to, and emulated their routes to success in order to be just like them, or surpass them entirely.

In East Africa, there is arguably no bigger internationally recognised superstar than Naseeb Abdul Juma Issack, popularly known as Diamond Platnumz, and affectionately referred to as Simba (Lion) many musicians in the region aspire to have just a fraction of the success he has been able to achieve.

The star has countless undeniable hit songs, he recently celebrated one of his videos reaching 100 million views on YouTube; a feat literally achieved once in this part of the world (East Africa).

Apart from his songs, he has successfully brought up a stable of young stars under his Wasafi record label including Rayvanny, Zuchu, Mboso, and Harmonize (formerly of the Wasafi record label). These artists have gone ahead to curve extremely successful music careers and their head honcho’s tutelage.

Apart from Hermonize, who has a long-standing feud with Diamond, the rest of the artists show much respect to their boss, and it seems to be reciprocated as he is always celebrating their accomplishments on social media.

The Wasafi artists are extremely privileged to have access to Diamond on a consistent basis, the rest of us have to wait on his postings and or media appearances. Well, the star got a little personal on his Instagram Stories recently as he posted videos showing aspiring artists and fans alike a sneak peek into his morning routine.

The videos reveal that the star is up and ready for the day at 3 a.m. He then proceeds to the gym (enter his awe-inspiring physic) after which he hits his home studio till the sun comes up. In the video, the star also shares a glimpse of the fruits of his hard work as he gives a brief view of his palatial home and his expensive vehicles, all guarded with armed security.

It’s a privilege to be able to get access to such views into the lives of our favorite celebrities. This is the side of social media that shows there is more to life than just flexing all the time. 
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