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Singers Nameless and Wahu are coming to your screen very soon! The show is set to air on May 24th. 

The two have been married for 15 years, and many look up to them on how they have been able to keep their personal affairs off the public eye.  Part of why the two have been successful and away from controversy has been keeping a low profile and focusing on their music. With the show, will they maintain that?
‘I feel like even as we want to share our journey, we want to share it tastefully and with boundaries because we also know that there are issues that are very motive you know. Us we have created our own boundaries; we have always done that. The reason why we are doing this show is to share how we normally handle conflicts,’ said Nameless.

For the first time, the two allow their fans to get to know them better by airing a part of their life on air. 

The docu-reality is a 13-part episode that will highlight their story, how they handle situations, their love and what they have learnt along the way. 

It will be a chance for fans to follow their lives as the two are working on an album for the first time.
The show’s Executive Producer Eugene Mbugua revealed that he approached the two in 2018 with the idea that it is about to become a reality. Speaking during a media briefing, Eugene said, 

‘Nameless and Wahu are pioneers in the industry. Being in the industry for 21 years, they are still relevant today.'

On whether we should expect more of their kids to be in the limelight and how they will adapt to the new norm, Wahu revealed that they have been talking to their children regarding the docu-reality.

‘We have been talking to them, there are different ways of understanding because the fact they are our kids you know. At first they never used to understand it, like, they were like how do people know my name. the flip side is as they have grown, it is normal to see your father on TV, just like any other dad would go to work,’ said Wahu

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