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Many celebrities these days make it a point to keep their lives and the little nitty-gritty about their lives to themselves. For one, many of them get trolled mercilessly when they expose certain aspects of their lives and personalities (remember when Bien revealed that he had been having an open relationship with Chiki and the internet went buck wild? asking him whether he really knew how to make his wife happy?) that weren't hat people quite expected them to be.

However, some celebrities have built self-esteem made of diamonds and do not care in the least what people think, in fact, some of them love the extra publicity so much that they go out of their way to do many AMA's the likes of Vera Sidika and Betty Kyalo!
Well, this time one of the biggest celebrities in Kenya's TV scene has come out to give her followers a big sneaky look into her life and Kenyans are eating it all up!
Catherine Kamau, one of Kenya's most prolific actresses and social media influencers have just done an Instagram AMA and she spilt a whole lot of tea about herself!
She revealed the fact that she struggles with debilitating anxiety which was rather peculiar for a person who stays in front o the camera for long periods of time. Some people asked how she managed to stay looking good with soft skin, and she said that she used sunscreen and drank a lot of water.

A fan asked who she supported more between Milly Wajesus and Dianah Maura and she said 
"Why would you have me pick? I mean they are both goals they are both killing it. Diana is killing it so is Milly. They are both grreat content creators." 
Someone asked her what her biggest regret was and she revealed that it was in fact being a patent! Kate advised that Parenting is a lifelong contract and unless you were ready to sign the contract it is better just to not have kids in the first place. 
"Parenting is a lifetime contract and unless you are ready for it... sis... wachana tu"
She also added that she was not about to get a third child, that chapter was done and dusted. 
She finished by giving advice to some people that had been through toxic relationships and sending them some love.
"i wanted to be rich enough to quit these apps becoz they really can drain you....but i am reminded that i am here for a reason, an assgnment ad i dont take it for granted. Sending love to anyone going through it right now, it shall be well,"
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