Crazy Kennar To Stop Filming Comedy Skits


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Comedian and content creator Crazy Kennar has announced that he will stop filming the funny skits that he is known for. Through his Instagram account on Thursday, August 4, Kennar said his team was taking a break from their content creation.

"On behalf of the Tales of Crazy Kennar, we would like to inform you that we are taking a break from the normal programming of the heckaya and twack show which air every Thursday at 8.00pm and Sunday at 8.00pm respectively," Kennar revealed.

The comedian explained that fans of his shows would not get new content on their various channels as they would not be filming any new material.

"The shows are set to be back on after the general elections," Kennar confirmed calming the nerves of those who thought there was bad news involved.

The content creator also urged Kenyans to stay peaceful during the elections period. "We will be back after the break. Let's all maintain the peace. One love," he insisted referring to the upcoming August 9, 2022 general elections.

Crazy Kennar has been one of the standout content creators ever since he came on the scene.

Four months ago, he launched Tock TV and turned his Tales into an Entertainment institution.

The comedian is known for creating a light mood of off situations that are thought to be serious at times.

Recently he found himself joining the bandwagon of Kenyans who reacted to Lulu Hassan and Rashid Abdallah's birthday party drama.

In a skit that he did, Crazy Kennar dressed like a woman (presumably Lulu) was sitting next to a guy (presumably Rashid) and they were doing a news broadcast ( as Lulu and Rashid do together on Citizen). During the broadcast, however, Kennar kept on interrupting his partner by taking jibes at him for what he did with Jovial during his birthday celebration. 

In his caption, Kennar noted that he was reenacting what Rashid and Lulu’s next broadcast together would be following the events that unfolded during his birthday. Kennar joined in a long line of Kenyans who were making fun at the expense of the couple as they never sow this side of their marriage (even though it was seemingly in jest) to the world.

The skit came after a video showing Lulu Hassan acting jealous over a dance between her husband Rashid Abdalla and popular singer Jovial which went viral.

The video was posted by a Twitter user who goes by the name @beth_kasinga. In the video, Rashid who was celebrating his 40th birthday party (which Lulu had planned for him by the way) was in the middle of dancing with Jovial when out of nowhere Lulu came to interrupt their almost-sweet moment together.

This showed Lulu’s jealous side, even though she seemed to be joking, the Twitter user who posted the clip noted that on her part she wouldn’t let another woman dance with her man as well if she was present with him. 
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