Could This Be The End Of Edgar Obare?

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Blogger Edgar Obare has with no doubt made himself famous through his Instagram stories. Through the help of his ‘students’, Obare claims that he is fixing the nation one day at a time. Recently, the blogger revealed that he is seeking to report a parody account that seems to be monitoring his every move. According to him, it might be the ‘government’ planning to make a ‘move’ on him. He requested his followers to report the account since people might reach out thinking it’s him. 
Obare runs his social media account by exposing public figures for one reason or another. Thanks to him, he has made the term ‘receipts’ a common term to use nowadays. He allows anonymous people to reach out to him in case they need to expose a public figure. These people normally do it on an anonymous basis.

Edgar Obare has been warned so many times to avoid stories that involve influential people but to him, there is freedom of speech- why not use it? 

Last year, Mombasa Governor Ali Joho filed a case against Edgar Obare for unlawfully publishing his private content. He was charged for linking Youtuber Natalie Tewa, to the governor. The blogger was arrested and spent a weekend at Gigiri Police Station.

A number of celebrities have made headlines thanks to Edgar Obare. A section of celebrity scandals that have brewed have done so, again, thanks to him. The Wajesus family has had its fair share when Obare is involved. Kabi wa Jesus’s cousin, Ciru, came forward to the blogger and revealed that Kabi had sired a baby with another cousin but he failed to take responsibility. Kabi and his wife, Milly Wa Jesus were trolled endlessly after the exposé. Who sires a baby with their cousin anyway? 
Dj Mo and Size 8's case is not different. Their marriage was on the rocks after an anonymous girl went to Edgar’s inbox and claimed that she had something going on with the gospel DJ. As expected, DJ Mo had to take some time off social media because the hateful comments were getting intense. How could a man of ‘God’ be involved in such a shameful act?  
As for Commedienne Jemutai, if I’ll be honest, she should actually thank the blogger. Thanks to him, Jemutai’s baby daddy, Prof Hamo decided to man up and take responsibility for his kids. The comedienne at first asked for help but then she didn’t want to be known-you know, HIDE ID. But who is Edgar? He went on ahead and revealed that Jemutai needed help with providing for her kids since the baby daddy was a no-show. Long story short, Prof Hamo and Jemutai mended their relationship and came up with ways in which they are going to co-parent. 
Are you a fan of Edgar Obare? Do you agree with what he does? Is he really fixing the nation or is he making things worse? 

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