Frankie Turns 33 In Style

Mulamwah, Awinja and other celebs send their wishes.

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Frankie Just Gym It, best known for his relationships with socialites Maureen Waititu and Corazon Kwamboka, turned a year older yesterday—and all we can say is 33 looks good on him.

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In the past year since his publicized split from Corazon, the celebrity gym instructor has seen good success, elevating his career to a new level. Aside from transitioning into online content creation and landing some lucrative influencer gigs, he also made his acting debut in TV drama Sanura.

While celebrating completing another year around the sun, Frankie proved once again that he knows how to make the ladies swoon. Taking to his Instagram, he posted a snap of himself dressed in all black and flashing his toned abs and chest in an unzipped jacket.

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"Another year growing wiser. Stepping into 33! Happy Birthday to me. 🎁," he captioned the post.

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His famous exes Corazon and Maureen didn't leave any public birthday wishes to their baby daddy, but a few celebrity friends were on hand with their compliments.

Comedian Mulamwah left his wishes saying, "Hbd 🎁," while former Papa Shirandula actress, popularly known as Awinja, had some light-hearted fun with Frankie's exposed torso, commenting, "Ukipata Limonia?😁 Happy Birthday msee!👊🏾." KTN Home host Chepchumba Cherus also sent her regards, writing, "Happy Birthday Frankie🎉"

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Maureen on how she got over Frankie
We have all come to know her and love her despite having a very dramatic past with her ex Frankie. Maureen Waititu had an opportunity to share her experience and lessons learned from her past breakup with Frankie on  KTN's Art of Living.

In her experience, Maureen said that she gathered three most important things that helped her to move on. The first thing was to appreciate that bad things will always happen even to good people. What matters the most is how we respond to those things.

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Second Maureen said that having a strong spiritual connection with God is key, as He is the only one who can help one to navigate stormy waters and walk with you without forsaking. She says her faith in God helped her during those hard times when she felt like giving up.

Thirdly the socialite highlighted that being vulnerable turned out to be her strength as even when people were talking about her and accusing her of all manner of things God came to vindicate her.

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"Do not be afraid of being vulnerable. It's okay, let people put you out there. Let them say what they want to say but your vulnerability will be the epitome of your strength. So let it go, don't feel like oh this and that, No, let the system take its course and God will always vindicate you."
The relationship between Frankie and Maureen was goals for netizens until it wasn't. The two dated for some time and their relationship bore them two boys. 

Things started going south between Frankie and Maureen after rumors emerged that he was cheating on her with socialite Corazon Kwamboka. This was just after Maureen had their second child.
Frankie and Corazon of course denied the dating rumors until they couldn't anymore. Eventually, Frankie broke up with Maureen and shortly after hooked up with Corazon Kwamboka.
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