Comedian Chipukeezy Celebrates His Big Day

Happy birthday Chipu!

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The King of Comedy Chipukeezy, as he is so passionately referred, has taken to his Instagram to celebrate his birthday and fans and fellow industry mates have joined in giving him his flowers on his special day. 

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Taking to his Instagram, the popular comedian has shared what seems to be a snippet of how far he has come from his old photos as a newbie in the industry, up until now and we couldn’t be more proud of him. 

“I have grown over the years achieving so much by making so many mistakes along the way. I have won & celebrated, failed, picked myself back up and moved on swiftly. I am now Old enough to know better, but still young enough to get away with it. The world indeed received a fruitful gift today.” said the comedian

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His fans and fellow industry mates have shown up in his comment section to send their birthday wishes and others thanking him for always making them laugh off their problems. 

Truly, in a country as depressed as this one, it is always nice and refreshing to have a comedian or two to make us laugh, am I right? 

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Fans have also been reacting to his photo with Vice President Willian Ruto with many asking how much he was paid to endorse him as the next president in the next upcoming elections. 

It seems his affiliation to Ruto is not sitting so well with many of his fans who think that he should stick to his career as a comedian as well as his role on the NACADA board where he sits to represent the voice of the youth. 

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Yet another celebrity that has been linked to being affiliated to a political party is rapper Juliani, who recently released a statement dispelling the rumors that he has been employed by the Azimio-OKA coalition. 

This is after rumors broke that he has been allegedly employed as the Director of Entertainment by the political party. 

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But in as much as he was distancing himself from the rumors, he went ahead to add that his statement did not mean that he was not going to partner with any political party if need be. 

Not only that, the rapper also went ahead to present his own manifesto that he would take into consideration before he is to partner with any politician.

“I am willing to join hands with like-minded partners including political parties that have a clear manifesto and agenda FOCUSING PRIMARILY ON YOUTH EMPOWERMENT INITIATIVES” 

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Clearly our busy politicians are actively on the lookout for celebrities and musicians who are willing to help them on the campaign trail even as the d-day draws near. 

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