Citizen TV's Mashirima Kapombe Caught Swimming In “Muguka”

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The whole of the Kenyan internet was moved after a photograph of Citizen TV’s Swahili news anchor on a muguka farm surfaced online.

In the image, the talented news anchor is seen smiling at the cameras while buried in the midst of muguka plants. Many who saw the image had a lot to say.

Some of the comments include:

“Sasa ameacha pombe akaenda kwa jaba. Tutamwita mwashirima kajaba.” asked one social media user.
“The best miguka found in embu ,,it us educated some of us” stated Rogers Wahome

“Kapombe ndani ya kajaba” commented Tom Ndune, a Facebook user.

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“Kapombe kadogo na Muguka hukuja vizuri sana..huwezi lewa” stated Vayo Shiru MadamCoach.
“With me I used to think Mashirima likes kapombe and she owns a pombe club” Stated Jane Mate, another social media user.

“I thought she would grow from 'Kappmbe' to 'Pombe' some day, I was wrong.” added Moses Maganya, another social media user.

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“Mkimpea muguka na ako na kapombe ,hiyo itakuwa imeenda” stated José Ndwaruh Gicheru, on the comment section.

Mashirima is from Voi town. The stunning news presenter frequently keeps her personal life quiet, but every now and then she shocks her followers by sharing photos of her loved ones on social media. Fans can tell how much she adores and loves her father, sister, brother, and other family members via her social media profiles. She frequently writes each person several compliments and even heartfelt birthday greetings.
Mashirima Kapombe is a role model for aspiring and young journalists. Her dedication to covering the news and bringing attention to issues involving kids, gender equality, and reporting have benefited many.

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Many individuals hold a special place in their hearts for her dedication to the people. We have hope that Mashirima Kapombe will continue to appear on our televisions for a few more years given her young age of only thirty-one.

Kenga, Mashirima's son, is her only child. In 2015, she observed her first Mother's Day.
Her romantic life gained attention in 2014 when it was suggested that she was seeing Kenyan comedian Kazungu Matano, better known by his stage name Captain Otoyo. She has not, however, made it known to the public if she is dating someone right now but it has indeed been confirmed that the comedian is the father to her child.

Online marriage rumors about Mashirima Kapombe recently appeared when she shared a picture of herself wearing a bridal gown on Instagram. Many assumed it was a sign that she was soon to be married, but she dispelled the rumors by saying it was just a photo session.

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