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Hint; It's not just in the rosewater

By  | Aug 31, 2021, 11:22 AM  | Chiki Kuruka  | Top of The

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Chiki Kuruka has just revealed the ultimate secret that she uses to stay looking gorgeous and healthy and it is...*drum roll*... rose water! Well, among other stuff too!

Chiki took to social media today morning to tell her followers of something she considered one of her top recommendations for any form of illness she has. On her Instagram stories, Chiki revealed to her fans a particular memory of her father and the remedy he preferred to apply on all of his children’s illnesses. Simple water. She then went ahead and explained how, somewhat bizarrely, his odd remedies always seemed to work on them as children and that she now found herself using the exact same method years later.

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For Chiki, Rose Water is the one thing she finds herself vouching for when it comes to health and all things body positive. She revealed that she even uses it on her skin in lieu of lotion when she got her ring tattoo with husband Bien and that was the resource she utilized to help it heal quicker and better!
It surely should not come as a surprise and here are some fun facts why -Rosewater is one of the few natural substances that in fact reduce and reverse ageing, cleanse the body, help the body heal faster and better, and not to mention, its intense ability to moisturize the skin better than any other lotion you have lying around your bedroom's beauty closet. For a liquid that is made from just soaking rose petals in distilled water for a few days, rose water is certainly that girl when it comes to hooking yourself up with some great benefits at a fraction of the price!
However, all the same, everybody knows that Chiki is one of the most health-conscious celebrities we have around, and Rosewater is not just the only secret she has to remain healthy vibrant and beautiful.

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Many a time the lassie has shared with her followers how often she takes the time to use dance as a method of not just letting out steam, but work out as well. This must be her secret potion because many people have attested to the fact that Chiki is one of the lesser problematic people around! Chiki also revealed that she takes her food seriously (mentioning Bien being the one that takes her back with an unbalanced diet).
But one may not be wrong in talking about the part that love takes in her life, and associating it with her overall health and youthfulness. Chiki is very sensitive about the kind of people she lets in her life. Her very Instagram page has ‘BAD ENERGY STAY FAR AWAY’ on the bio. She is almost never seen with people she doesn't regard too closely and also takes the time to get to know many different people. Being in one of the most ‘couple goals' Esque relationships in Kenyan showbiz, it’s also clear the standing she has on romantic relationships. 
It’s looking like Chiki just may have the keys to a wonderful life in her pockets. What tidbits will you be borrowing from her?

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