Celebs Who Have Tasted Vera’s Honey Jar

The big 4!

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Vera Sidika, a socialite, is one celebrity who has chased love in a variety of ways. Despite her socialite status, Vera appears to be a charming hopeless romantic. It's no wonder that she's always been on the lookout for love, experimenting with various partnerships. When it comes to relationships, she has failed countless times. But she did find her Mr. Right in the end.

Vera has a type, no question, based on all of the men she's ever dated! And then there's the taste. These two gentlemen have a bit in common. Tall, dark or light-skinned, and well-built. They also know how to dress, with the majority of them wearing beards.

Brown Mauzo

On our list, Brown needs to be at the top. He's the current hot topic. Brown and Vera have a child together. They recently shared on social media how excited they were to meet their small little human. The majority of us were caught off guard by how things turned out in their relationship. We wish them the best of luck. Hopefully, Vera's situation will improve this time.

Otile Brown

We thought, "Yes, this is it!" when Otile Brown and Vera made their relationship public. They provided us with goals left, right, and center. They were the in-favorite crowd's couple. We were all convinced that this was a match made in heaven, and that they would be together forever.

Vera was featured in the song Baby Love by Otile. That was a gift for her. However, things went downhill after this song. For these two, this was the end of the road. Vera once accused the singer of exploiting her solely for the sake of fame and fortune. Later, the two began fighting in public via social media. Vera chastised Otile Brown, claiming that he lacked the kind of manhood that made Kenyans proud. KOT has created some of the greatest memes ever on Twitter.

Jimmy Chansa

Vera flaunted Jimmy on social media after parting ways with Otile Brown. Nobody knew who he was at first, until web detectives determined his identity was Jimmy Chansa.

She claimed that Jimmy was her true love in a radio interview with Wasafi. What happened, we're not sure! Before calling it quits, the two dated for more than five months.

Yommy Johnson

Vera has been with various men before settling down with her present husband, Brown Mauzo. She's shown up with a few hunks here and there. Unfortunately, the majority of these relationships did not last. Some of them appeared to be rather adorable! Yommy Johnson, a 33-year-old Nigerian, was in a relationship with Vera from 2016 to 2017. 

Yommy's former partners accused him of absurd things, leading to rumors that he was a con artist. That is most likely why this relationship did not last.

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