Celebrity Wives That Fought For Their Marriages

They didn't let the other woman win that easily

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In the older days, a man having two or more wives was not the kind of thing it is today... It was allowed. In fact, it was even encouraged.

The women shared chores, they took care of each other's children, and instead of seeing the other as a competitor of sorts, they were considered crucial even, seeing as families were often large and the workload was more than one wife could take as the person that took care of the whole household!

These days, however, cheating is seen as the number one thing you ought not to do when it came to affairs of the heart! No, women did not want to share their husbands and other women to not want to be seen as second place in a man's heart...unless they do.

Here, we've made a small list of the celebrity wives and girlfriends who went above and beyond to make sure their husbands and boyfriends stopped stepping out of the relationship, even if it meant physically fighting the other woman!

Milly Chebby

The Milly and Terrence drama was so profound and publicized that everybody knew that Terrence had stepped out on Milly with a woman that was nothing like her! In an expose done by Edgar Obare, it was revealed that Terrence was cheating on Milly with a 19-year-old woman called Anita Sonia.

He then went a step further and revealed that Milly had in fact been knowing everything that has happened between the two, showing Millie in a group on Facebook calling out Anita Sonia, the woman whom Terrence was in an Affair with, telling her she was going to order an attack on her by Mungiki! 
With wives like those, it was definitely for the best that Anita stopped playing second fiddle and got herself a real boyfriend her age! 


Amira is the wife that all wives and girlfriends that have been cheated on are feeling so sorry for. According to rumours, push finally came to shove when Aira and Amber got into an altercation that led the both of them to hurl insults to each other, with Jamal closeby, just staying quiet.

Amira had been very hurt by Amber's words, saying that the two had ever been friends before but after this, they had no relationship to speak of. 
In the videos, the two were seen talking bitterly to each other, with Amber making prompt moves to get out of there and find a different house where she wasn't in trouble. 

Nimo Gachuiri

Nimo and Mr Seed never addressed the rumours even once, but what the side piece of Mr Seed revealed to Edgar Obare was enough to send chills down onces spine!

The side piece, who was said to be an Ethiopian woman that had been staying in Kenya for a short time, revealed that she had gotten pregnant by Nimos fiancee and that the both of them were trying to get her to prematurely remove the baby, even sending screenshots and videos of herself talking with Nimo and Nimo driving her in her car.

It was such a sad thing, watching Nimo dealing with her Fiancee's mistakes as if she was the one who had made them. According to that woman, Nimo even catered to her bills for travelling seeing as she was almost heavily pregnant.
Nimo really struggled to keep her relationship alive, but it seemed like it really weighed her down when the news broke because after that she deleted all of Mr Seed's pictures, sparking breakup rumours.

I have always attempted to wonder what I would do were in these strong women's shoes. I pray to God I never have to find out because mimi ni was Nyeri!

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