Celebrities Who Came From Poor Families

From Rags To Riches

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If you are looking at your situation and thinking that you will never amount to anything, then we reckon that these celebrities’ stories will give you hope. What many people don’t know is that many Kenyan celebs were once broke and poor – but that didn’t stop them from pursuing their dreams and working their way up. Here is a list of celebrities who prove that you can work your way up no matter your situation:


Bahati, who was born in 1993 lost his mother while he was still young, at only 7 years old. His mother’s death would be the beginning of his struggle where he eventually found himself homeless and living in the streets at one point in his life. However, life quickly changed after he finished high school and released his song ‘Siku Ya Kwanza’ in late 2012, which Kenyans fell in love with.

Bahati is now one of the most sought after musicians in the country and even had his own reality show that aired on NTV. Talk about rising from the ashes!


Octopizzo has been vocal about how he grew up in one of Kenya’s largest slums, Kibera. He rose to fame back in 2008 when he released his famous mixtape Struggles of Nairobi.

He quickly established himself as a household name in the Kenyan music industry over subsequent releases until now. He is also now known for his strong passion for community outreach and youth empowerment through his foundation – Octopizzo Foundation.


Known for many of his club bangers, Mejja also didn’t have it easy growing up. He was born in Nyeri’s largest slum, Majengo where he and his family really struggled to make ends meet.

He came into the spotlight when Airtel (then Celtel) was holding a talent Search all over Kenya. Luckily, Mejja happened to win the talent search and he emerged the first in Central province. He later teamed up with many musicians to make music and was once even a member of Kansoul. 


Gospel singer, Alex Apoko is also known to have come from a very humble background. Ringtone who was abandoned by his mother, found himself living in the streets alone at a very young age.

However, this didn’t discourage Ringtone as he eventually became one of the biggest gospel musicians Kenya has ever seen. He is among the wealthiest artists who stay in one of the most affluent neighbourhoods and drive a big car!


We’ve all seen Huddah’s pics from way back before she became the socialite she is today. She was raised in Huruma Estate by her mother and stepfather – an environment that wasn’t too friendly for her prompting her to run away.

She began to hustle, and eventually landed several modelling and video vixen jobs and that is how she became one of the richest socialites in Kenya. She now even owns her own cosmetics line!

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