Celebrities Who Flopped Terribly In Music

Lakini kujaribu si vibaya

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Vera Sidika, Willis Raburu and Jalang
Following Diana Marua’s foray into the music industry, as Diana B, the self-proclaimed queen of Afro-Rap, we take a look at other high profile entertainers who tried to take the same route but did not succeed.

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Diana B might be doing great as her first song is performing well on Youtube, with a little over 800k views at the time of writing, the star and her husband are even calling out YouTube for not giving her song the #1 trending in Kenya badge, as according to them, the song is outperforming any other East African song released at the same time.

Even though it is okay to blow one’s trumpet at times, it is also important to remember that pride comes before a fall. Diana isn’t the first non-musician celebrity to release a song; here are some popular stars that tried their hand in music, but failed

Willis Raburu

There is no one better to start off the list than Willis Raburu, the TV host who came into the music industry like a wrecking ball He released a mega-hit titled, Kalale. Just like Diana, Willis garnered a lot of views on his YouTube page, the song is currently at over 7 million views, having been released a year ago.

Screenshot of Kalale on YouTube.

His musical journey seemed to be on the right track, however, a year later, a failed Gengetone music festival later and a failed attempt at re-igniting the Kalale success with a new song later; it is fair to say it is one and done for the aspiring emcee.

Screenshot of Jeshi on YouTube.

Willis though seems to have a passion for music, and it’s clear for all to see as he is always in and around the industry. He recently made a guest appearance as an actor in Exray’s big hit titled  Usherati. A big up to him for sticking to what he loves, the same can’t be said for the rest of the celebs on this list.

Screenshot of Usherati on YouTube.

Vera Sidika

Everyone's favourite socialite turned doting mother to her yet to be revealed daughter, Asia Brown, who once pursued a career in music. The star kicked off her career with a song titled Nalia, which she wrote herself, the song has garnered over 1 million views on YouTube to date. Which is not an easy feat.

Screenshot of Nalia.

The star decided to take it a notch higher with her next song. She decided to promote it by painting her in a dark skin tone, making fans think she had reverted back to her old self (before she bleached her skin).

Even with the elaborate rollout, the song performed abysmally as it has managed to garner little over 600K views since its release on YouTube 2 years ago.

Screenshot of Mimi.


The popular radio host is known for his ambition and hustle mentality. He is a big believer in diversifying his portfolio, and when the pandemic hit, Jalang’o tried his hand in music.

The star teamed up with Iddi Singer x Grandmastatek to release a track called Tupige Sherehe. The song wasn’t particularly well received. Since its release in May, the song has only garnered 77K YouTube views to date and is on a channel with 500k subscribers.

Screenshot of Tupige Sherehe.

It seems his fans were communicating something to him, and Jalang’o understood loud and clear as he hasn’t released another song since.

It seems as if popularity isn’t the only thing required to get a hit song in Kenya. Music fans in the country value the kind of content musicians churn out and won’t waste time listening to songs just because a famous person lends their vocals. 

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