Celebrities Who Are Twins Or Triplets

They are each other's photocopy

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In the last few days, Kenya and the rest of the world have been fascinated by the news of a South African lady allegedly giving birth to decuplets. The news has amazed the world, with many people wondering how a human could give birth to all those babies at once.

Just like in South Africa, Kenya also has cases where people deliver more than one baby at once. In Kenya though, the most common scenario is twins.

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Some of those twins in Kenya have happened to be celebrities. In this article, we are going to look at celebrities who are either twins or triplets. They include;

Jamila Mbugua and Wanjiru Mbugua

Media personalities Jamila Mbugua and Wanjiru Mbugua are identical twins. The two are so alike that differentiating them is a big problem for many.

The twins at one point both served as TV presenters at different media houses at some point.

Jamila Mbugua worked as The Property Show at NTV while Wanjiru was at KBC where she served as a business news anchor.

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The twin sisters are too close that Jamila once confessed that it was not easy for Wanjiku to accept the fact that she was married. She claimed that at some point, conflict ensued between Wanjiku and her husband. According to her, Wanjiku felt that her husband took away her best friend and her sibling.

Eddie Ndichu and Paul Ndichu

Just like his wife Janet Mbugua, Eddie Ndichu, a media personality, also has a twin. Eddie is the twin brother of Paul Ndichu.

The doing are not only alike in physical appearance but also have the same taste of career and women. The two are both married to media personalities, Eddie is married to former Citizen TV anchor Janet Mbugua while Paul is married to Maureen Momanyi.

Lisa Gaitho and Anita Gaitho

Media personality Lisa Gaitho has a twin sister called Anita Gaitho. They are the daughter of media personality and former Daily Nation's Managing Editor  Special Projects Macharia Gaitho.

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The twins are both bloggers though Anita doubles up as a model.

Janet Mbugua and Timothy Mbugua

Janet Mbugua has a twin brother Timothy Mbugua. Though they are twins, they are not identical as many would think, they differ from their physical appearance to their career choices. Janet is a TV personality and a fashionista while her brother Timothy is a businessman.

Though they differ in their life choices, Janet revealed that she has a strong relationship with her brother that nobody can get between them.

The Longombas

The Longombas music group consisted of twin brothers, Christian and Lovy Longomba. They graced Kenya's music scene back in 2002 with various songs including Avuta Pumz, Piga Makofi, and Shika More among others.

The two later relocated to the US where they pursued their dreams. The twins were separated by the death of Christian who passed early this year.

According to Lovy, months on, he is still struggling to come to terms with the death of his brother - a man he has been with all his life.

Moipei Quartet

Moipei Quartet is a singing group that consists of triplets and their sister. In the groups, Marta, Magdalene, and Mary are triplets while Seraphine is their younger sister.

The triplets and their sister are remembered for singing for several dignitaries including President Uhuru Kenyatta.

The professional singers reportedly started singing at a younger age under the guidance of their father Nicholas Ole Moipei, a teacher of music.
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