Celebs With Crazy Beauty Routines

They look half their real age

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Zari Hassan-Image
You have to admit; the beauty standards in Africa leave a lot to be desired.
Celebrity culture generally means that not only are the creme de la creme required to look incredible at all times, they also better not look their real age.

Even so, there are some celebrities who despite the limitations we have as for infrastructure, still managed to win the genetic lottery for remaining youthful and gorgeous no matter how much time passes! 

I mean, botox, lipo and the like didn't come to Kenya until very recently. And even then, it's still not widely used or trusted, so how did these guys stay looking so good?

Zari Hassan

Zari is arguably one of the most gorgeous celebrities out there, that are still making waves and doing things in the world. 

Not only is her skin extremely flawless, but she also literally has no wrinkles whatsoever and still has a snatched body at the age of 41!

Granted, her haters troll her for being the oldest of Diamond's baby mamas and still causing ruckus but she's still killing it.

She has also been appointed the Ambassador for Tourism in Tanzania she's clearly not stopping any time soon!!

DJ Pinye

DJ Pinye, even in his 50s is clearly still a young man at heart and it does not help that he has maintained such a youthful-looking physique!

The recently turned 50-year old says that he tries his best to keep in shape and looking good. He did announce his retirement but still plays for exclusive parties that love to engage in throwback jams. What a way to age!

Nameless and Wahu

If you met them today, you wouldn't have noticed any difference between now and literally ten years ago. This amazing pair is not only still relevant in the industry, but they are also in great shape and apart from the longer dreadlocks, they are still the loving duo that made prime-time news when they decided to get married in 2004.

Sheila Mwanyigha

Sheila quite possibly has a sort of beauty formula that borders magic because she has not attained a single wrinkle since her debut in the industry in 1997.

The lassie still looks every bit as youthful, fun-loving, and wholesome now as then. 

Oddly, there are no records that show the true age of sheila but some say that she is 37 which, admittedly, does not appear too truthful seeing as she's been in the industry for almost 25 years...

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