Celebrities Who Regret Tattooing Lover's Name

One got dumped immediately after getting inked

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Love is a beautiful thing, and when you are in love, you can do anything for your partner. 

Expressions of love differ from person to person. Some people show their love by buying gifts for their partners while others go the extra mile to put permanent marks. 

One of the permanent marks that lovers put is drawing tattoos of their lover's name, a symbol of their love stories.

These tattoos are always a good reminder of a love story until breakup knocks on the door and their holders start regretting their decisions. This is because tattoos always remind them of their past relationship.

As many in the streets of Nairobi would say “It always ends in tears”.

Just like anybody else, celebrities have had such regrets. Some of those celebrities include;


Harmonize is a great lover of tattoos, he has tattoos for almost every person close to his heart. 

One of the many tattoos that Harmonize has was that which bore the name of his ex-girlfriend, Kajala Masanja. The Konde Gang CEO drew Kajala's initials on his neck at the time they were dating.

The tattoo lasted on Harmonize's body for about three months. The singer deleted the tattoo and replaced it with that of his record label, Konde. He deleted the tattoo after Kajala broke up with him.

Other than Kajala's tattoo, Harmonize has also had a tattoo of Diamond Platnumz's name, an image of Tanzania's late Head of State President John Pombe Magufuli on his leg.

Kamene Goro

If there is someone who really regrets tattooing her lover's name on her body then it is Kiss Fm presenter, Kamene Goro

Last year, the presenter revealed that she drew a tattoo of her ex-boyfriend's name on her back. She said, just after drawing the tattoo, her then-boyfriend dumped her.

"There is one of my sister’s names and my third tattoo was my first boyfriend’s name. I chapped it on my back straight down to my spine," she said, this is as reported by The Star.

"It is so weird, I got the tattoo and two weeks later, we broke up," she added.

Kamene revealed that she had to cover the tattoo to hide her boyfriend's name.

Diamond Platnumz 

When everything was still rosy between the two of them, Diamond did everything to prove his love to Tanasha Donna. He bought her a car, organized a huge birthday party, and also drew a tattoo of her name on his arms.

By drawing a tattoo of Tanasha showed just how much the Bongo star loved the Kenyan international. Actually, he dated both Zari Hassan and Wema Sepetu for the longest time compared to Tanasha, but he never drew a tattoo of their names.

Even after going that far to prove his love to Tanasha, she still dumped him claiming that the Jeje hitmaker was not giving enough for their relationship.

Other tattoos that Diamond has are those of his children's - Dylan, Tiffah, and Nillan - initials.

Zari Hassan

She might be bossy but she can't boss matters of the heart. Just like any other person in love, Zari has also done some unthinkable stuff such as drawing tattoos of her lover on her body.

The mother of five previously had a story of her ex-boyfriend, a man she dated after divorcing her late ex-husband Ivan Semwanga. Zari is said to have drawn the tattoo on her waist.

She reportedly changed the tattoo after she started dating Diamond Platnumz.

Daddy Owen

Daddy Owen did not draw a tattoo of his ex-wife anywhere, but since this is an article that talks about breakups we thought it would be wise to make an honorable mention of this phenomenal gospel artist.

His story is one that is quite touching because, as he told it, he explained that his separation from his ex-wife, Farida Wambui, led him to depression.

The man of God on multiple occasions tried to fight for their marriage but it seemed too little too late as it was rumored that his wife had fallen for a 52-year-old tycoon.

As strong as he is known to be, Daddy Owen is back on his feet and we can only expect more hot stuff coming our way.

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