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City socialite Bridget Achieng has had her fair share of falling into trending topics, sadly, mostly for the wrong reasons. A lot of things have been said about her but that wasn’t going to define who she is. She recently moved to Turkey, most of us thought that she was just taking a trip but it looks like the mother of one was into something more than a trip.

To you, the name Bridget Achieng might only remind you of the number of times when she was trending but according to her, her name has opened so many doors for her. So apparently Bridget traveled to Turkey for business and in just two months, she has been able to open her own company and she announced that she is now a licensed agent there.

Bridget says she wants to leave a legacy, of course, it is not easy, but all she wants is to make her parents proud of her. In the caption, she recalls the days that she used to sleep on the streets because she was homeless and she maintains that she will never be afraid to say it as it is. 

Bridget admits that it is not easy to live abroad but it is worth it. She is doing all that she can to provide for her son. You have probably heard about Bridget Achieng and the numerous times she made headlines but it’s time we give credit for her hard work. I am not trying to justify what you heard but so many women out here are giving up on their children. She has decided to move to a foreign country which is not easy by the way, trust me, but then, she has decided to put her fears aside and go hard on her goals.

Andrew Kibe aside, Bridget Achieng is also a vocal celebrity who is never afraid to speak her mind. What it is that she feels is not right, best believe she is going to address it. She has done that so many times, recently, she called out the tea master and advised him to stop with the tea since doing that was putting his life in danger. This followed after Edgar Obare’s brother was kidnapped. Sorry, Edgar, this is not about you so let me go back to Bridget. She is among the few celebs who have called Edgar out without the fear of being attacked by his army.

If you have followed Bridget closely, you already know everything that she has been through. If you see her happy, baby girl deserves it. Kenyans on Instagram need to give this lady a break, no one is perfect, and we all have our flaws. Bridget has decided to use what she has to get what she wants for herself and her son. Just like she said, I am pretty sure her parents are really proud of her whenever they are. We wish Bridget Achieng all the best in her life and we hope she gets whatever it is that she is chasing. 

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