Bridget Achieng Reveals She Is Battling Depression

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City socialite Bridget Achieng has revealed that she is depressed because her son, Sekani Rich is set to have surgery. What is stressing Bridget is the fact that she won’t be there because she is currently in Turkey handling her business. Bridget hasn’t revealed much about what the surgery is about or when it is going to take place. Also, she has never given her followers a reason to think that Sekani is not well or something. Probably it is not a major surgery, right? Come to think of it. whether it is minor or major surgery, I would still be stressed about it. Now imagine Bridget. How hard can it be? Well, very! She is thousands and thousands of miles far away from home.
Bridget is missing her son for sure. She recently shared a video of a package she received from her family and Sekani had packed a dirty sock for her mom and Bridget was in tears! According to Bridget, Sekani insisted that the socks should be packed as well, he didn’t want to know whether it was dirty or not. How cute is that? I can’t stay far away from my daughter even for at least two days but Bridget is almost hitting three months since she last saw her son last.  You are doing well mama.

Bridget recently moved to Turkey and said that she was going to start her business in just two months, she revealed that she now had her company. She further added that she has slept on the streets and she will never be ashamed to say it as it is. 

This name Bridget has opened sooo many doors for me, it’s not easy to enter foreign land and it accepts you. I am now a licensed agent here in turkey, I have a company, under 2 months, all I want is to live a legacy ,it’s not been easy , I have slept on the street, been homeless , I will never be scared to tell it as it is. 

Bridget’s aim is to make her parents proud of her. She also said that the reason why she traveled to Turkey was to be able to provide for her son and her family.

but now my story has changed abroad is not easy but it’s worth it ….i have achieved a lot under 2 months …. Can’t wait for my fellow Kenyan sisters and brothers to join me cash out and help our families ….for every glory there is a story . To my late mom and dad will continue making you proud.

Bridget is one strong woman. Before going abroad, she found herself in a scandal where someone leaked her nudes on social media. It was not easy, to go through the hate that she went through. Still, she decided to rise up and go on with her life. Or were you expecting that she was going to sulk forever? She did not. For now, we hope that her son will be fine.

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