Brenda Wairimu Pregnant Again?

Star makes big reveal

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Brenda Wairimu
Top actress turned fashion designer, Brenda Wairimu made a revelation about herself recently that left her fans shocked.

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The star took to her Instagram page recently to share a video of herself revealing that she is expecting another child. Brenda is already a mother to her and Juliani’s baby daughter, Amor Njeri, so this pregnancy would make it her second child.

In the post, Brenda chooses not to go with the trendy extravagant reveal. She took to her Instagram page to share a simple video of her dancing while facing away from the camera; upon turning around she reveals a baby bump.   

Is it really true?

A baby bump, however, would suggest that the star is already in her second trimester which would be hard to believe as her previous posts have shown nothing to suggest that she is pregnant. 

However, no one can accuse Brenda of not being able to keep a secret when it comes to her private life. Years after having her first child, the star is yet to reveal to the world a picture of her daughter’s face even once.

The baby bump though seems a bit hard to believe, even her fans noted that she was getting inspiration from Eric Omondi; who had earlier this year faked a pregnancy photo with singer Miss P, as a promotional gimmick for their newly released song, ‘Baby Shower’.

The fans might be right, as in her recent photos the baby bump seems to have vanished. The star posted a video of herself in Lagos, Nigeria, and there was no sight of the baby bump.

Brenda the fashion mogul

We presume she is out of the country on holiday as she has been working hard all year. The star even called it quits on acting for a while in order to take a different direction in her career as she has chosen to start selling clothes. When I say clothes though, I’m not talking mitumba.

Mama Amor, as Ms. Wairimu is known, recently announced a partnership with LABEL 15, a premium fashion brand, through which she will launch her own fashion collection.

The actress made the announcement on her Instagram page. She shared a photo of herself wearing one of her looks. The actress wears a black and white checked coat, boyfriend shorts, and matching boots. She tells her admirers in the post that her collection is for all women.
Brenda Wairimu responds to fan

One admirer enquired as to why she hasn't been seen in public recently. Brenda responded to the fan by saying, "niko busy nauza nguo" (I'm selling clothes).
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