Brenda Jons: I'm Very Gay


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Youtuber Brenda Jons has publicly come out as gay. This is after she shared a video of her getting super cozy with a lady on her Instagram live. 

Mimi ni lesbian, nimeshawaambia. Muandike. Here is my girlfriend.
Sis that is not even where the tea is. Brenda not only introduced her girlfriend, but she accused Phoina of stealing her former girlfriend. She went on and said a lot of mean things about Phoina as she was showing the girl that she had moved on with. 

Phoina beauty ameniibia dame. Here is my girlfriend. Msicreenshot saa hii. Nimependa msichana guys. I am gay. I am very gay.  Acha wapost picha, mimi sijali. Hata wapost wakiwa Mombasa.

It seems like Brenda really had a long day. She kept on talking about how broken she is on her video that she posted while crying. Even as she was live, she kept on asking her friends to stop calling her. Her live videos were being disrupted by phone calls.
Among her last stories is her saying that she is with her family and thanking everyone for checking up on her. I may not know half of what she is going through but I just hope that she gets through it. If you watched her live video, you’ll probably understand why I am saying that. May she find peace.

Phoina on the other hand hasn’t responded to the accusations. In fact, she had a very busy weekend. Judging from her Instagram, she attended a wedding, of course, she was the make-up artist for the bridal team. In the evening, she spent some quality time with her new best friend Amber Ray. These two have been spending a lot of time together and they are making us jealous of their new friendship. Talk about goals! Did you see the last vacation they took along the coast?

The LGBTQ news is somehow becoming a trend in the last couple of months. Just recently, Makena Njeri called out the Kenya Film and Classification Board, KFCB, for banning a film that had a gay theme. According to KFCB, the film was promoting homosexuality and it was demeaning Christianity. Makena went on and said that the board was using ‘christianity’ to stop progress and inclusivity of the members of the LGBTQ community. 

Honestly, in the past two months, I have written a lot of articles on celebrities who are coming out as gay. I have probably asked you this question, but I am going to ask it over and over again. Do you think it is time we had that LGBTQ talk? Is Kenya ready? Is this something that we are comfortable talking about? Do you think we’ll get to a point where same-sex marriage would be a kawaida thing? Let us know in the comment section. 

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