Did Nick Ndeda Introduce Betty To His Family?

Time for family introduction

By  | Aug 30, 2021, 11:45 AM  | Betty Kyallo  | Top of The

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If there is a celebrity that had fun over the weekend, it has to be Betty Kyallo. She spent her weekend in Kisumu alongside her flame, Nick Ndeda. She shared some great moments she had with Nick and judging from her instastories, you can easily tell that these two had a really great time. While they were there, they headed to the club, and of course, Betty had to document these beautiful moments.  She even shared a video of  Nick teaching her how to dance and mans has got moves! Does your man know how to dance by the way?

You know how Kenyans are, quick to jump to conclusions especially if it concerns Betty Kyallo. Fans were quick to react to her posts insinuating that she had gone to Kisumu to meet Nick’s parents. It seems like netizens were not the only ones who thought so. Celebrities like Akothee too were not left behind. She was fast to ask Betty if she was in Kisumu for introduction purposes. Betty then responded telling the singer to stop ‘shouting’.

Nick’s blank social media 

As for Nick Ndeda, he did not participate in sharing the photos and videos on his instastories as Betty did. Nick seems to be low-key. He doesn’t post on social media quite often. He falls under the category of men who became famous thanks to dating stars. Before Betty, no one knew who he was. After fans complained that he doesn’t post Betty as much, he shared one photo and that was it. 
Betty and Nick’s relationship became public after the tea mater shared sneaky pictures of the two in a parking lot. Betty decided to go public with her relationship thanks to the street chatter when she posted Nick’s photo on his birthday with a caption referring to him as her King and that is when fans were like, yeah, that’s him, that’s our guy. Things got interesting after fans confused radio presenter Nick Ndeda to Betty’s man and when she shared his pic, it was clear which Nick Ndeda was seeing Betty. This happened thanks to the similarities in their names. 

Whether Betty and Nick flew to Kisumu for introduction purposes, only these two have an answer to that. But honestly, we would love to see that. They make such an amazing couple. It has been a while since we saw Betty happy, the way she is right now. Can we give all the credit to Nick? After her split from fellow journalist Dennis Okari, Betty never posted the face of the man she was going out with. But with Nick, things are so different.
Maybe this was just a trip. Maybe Nick took Betty to Kisumu to show her around and that’s it. Speaking on marriage, Betty told a fan that she was not willing to get married again. She once posted a video of herself dancing with radio queen Mwalimu Racheal and a fan told her that she should get married to which Betty responded with, no, thank you. Just watch the video my friend and keep warm. Maybe things have changed since then, right?

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