The Making Of A Music Star – Is Bahati’s Story Another Show Of Sheer Luck?

Bahati's Biography

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Calm, responsible, respectful and flamboyant are just some of the words that can be used to describe this dynamic individual.

Born in 1994, Kelvin Mbuvi Bahati, famously known by his stage name ‘Bahati', is a Kenyan Musician who started his career in an upward trajectory and has since proven to be a force to recon with in the music industry.

Scripted straight out of a Hollywood movie, Bahati's journey to the top is one that doubles up as one to be envied by any young person striving to achieve success in the shortest most inspiring ways.

Orphaned at a young age, the gospel now secular music sensation, made the smart move to join a Children’s home to ensure he got a good education to secure a future that he could desire.

Like any other young inspired man, Bahati always held on to his dream to hit the airwaves and become a music star.

By 2010, in the middle of his high school education, Bahati made his first move in music by representing his high school at the national levels in Nakuru during the annual schools’ music festivals and a breathtaking guitar performance a year later at the same level before he graduated high school.

In collaboration with music producer Jblessing and other top names in the music industry at the time at L.B Films, Bahati dropped his first single ‘siku za kwanza' which brought about fruitful results announcing his arrival into the music scene.

Bahati Early years

As clarified by the singer, his mother died while he was only seven when his mother died and his absentee father died soon after prompting him to join a children’s home in Mathare, a slum in Nairobi, who gave him shelter, food and clothing.

Bahati Schooling

As he more than once put it, it was his personal decision to join the ABC orphanage in Mathare slums where he thought he could be able to get a chance at a normal life.

It was at this institution that he acquired his basic primary school education before he graduated to high school in Nakeel school in Ongata Rongai – Kajiado, and after sometime switched schools to St Theresa’s Boys in Eastleigh where he graduated with a C+ in 2011.

Bahati Career

A national music festival solo performance in 2010 representing his high school at the time, St Theresa’s Boys, thrust him to the public eye after he amused both the crowds present and the judges.

The following year, 2011, he sang and played the guitar before the judges again at the annual national music festivals and impressed once again.

In 2012, after completion of his secondary education, Bahati, with the help of music producer JBlessing created and released his first song titled ‘Siku ya Kwanza’ which propelled him further in his quest for national recognition making him an instant celebrity.

The song attracted multiple requests on both radio and TV, this was followed by other hits like Mama, Barua and Wangu among others.

He went ahead to collaborate with artists from abroad like Aslay and produced even more hits.

Bahati Relationship(s)

In the early days of his career, Bahati openly confessed his crush on Tanzanian actress through an online request to Tanzanian media personality Millard Ayo, asking him to help reach out to her.

These efforts, however, did not bare fruits prompting the singer to turn his guns to Diana Marwa, a fast-rising video vixen operating in Nairobi.

Bahati Family (wife, children, etc)

Bahati went ahead and got married to Diana Marua, a marriage that attracted widespread criticism directed towards the age difference between the two.

However, the criticism did not stop the two from formalizing their union and living a public life since.

With his troubled past, growing up as an orphan, Bahati made the conscious decision to adopt three children, Purity Bahati, Rose Bahati and Morgan Bahati, all there he did before the age of 20.

He also has two biological children, one with his wife Diana Marwa and another with his ex-lover Yvette Obura.

Bahati Controversy

Although not a usual suspect when it comes to controversy in the country, Bahati has more than once found himself in rather dramatic situations.

One among them is when Mr Seed left his music recording label EMB Records under unclear circumstances.

This was followed by a video by popular gospel musician and self-proclaimed Gospel artists chairman Ringtone who claimed that Seed left the label after Bahati’s wife Diana sent police officers to arrest his heavily pregnant wife after a business disagreement.

Bahati also found himself in trouble in late 2019 after he supported a song by rapper King Kaka titled, ‘Wajinga Nyinyi’ with many pointing out the irony in his claim to support the message after he was seen supporting the re-election of certain political leaders mentioned in the song for the wrong reasons.

Bahati Cars

After a long run in his music career and the release of more than 32 hit songs, Bahati has made quite a reasonable amount of money, from both his music and endorsement deals.

Over time he has been seen moving around with high end cars that include, Mercedes Benz, Range Rovers, among others.

Although we may not be aware of the ownership status, he truly is one musician living at the top end of his life in terms of machinery driven on the roads.

Awards & Recognition

In 2014, Bahati was awarded the best male gospel singer in the groove awards and has also been awarded severally locally and internationally.

In the same year, he was also named the best gospel artist in Africa in the Afrimma awards hosted at the Eisemann Center in Texas, USA, a recognition that is normally awarded to musicians who have had a long-lasting career in the music industry.

Social Media

Over time and as a result of the production of good musical and TV content through his TV reality show that was titled Being Bahati, he has been able to attract a huge number of social media followers from all around the world with close to 3 million followers on Instagram.

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