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Yvette responds to Bahati’s apology

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This is the day that we have been waiting for. Singer Bahati has finally apologized to his baby mama Yvette Obura. Well, he has done this before, probably. However, this time, he did it differently. He had so much to say to his baby mama and his daughter Yvanna Mueni. In his lengthy apology, he apologized for neglecting their daughter and hiding her for almost two years. 

He apologized for making Yvette take care of Mueni on her own during the two years. In his defense, when Mueni was born, he had just won an award as the best male gospel artist. To avoid all the judgment and ‘shame’, he decided to hide Mueni from the public. Word on the street is that Bahati showed up in Mueni’s life when she was almost two years old after he had requested DNA. In the beginning, he didn’t want to believe that he and Yvette had sired a baby, you know, what would the public say? How could a gospel artist have a baby before marriage? 

He apologized to Yvette for making her go through a lot, trying to make ends meet to raise their child.  Bahati wrote:

As I Continue With #BahatiGratitudeWeek I will be Selfish if I dont Thank God for this Two ; Mama Mueni & @Mueni_Bahati . I Clearly dont Know how to put this or Where to start but if I can Share With My Followers a Story is that Your Birth Was One of My Happiest Moments but yet a tough One for me 🥺 Why? .. I was at My Pick as a Gospel Artist then, Just after being Awarded as the Male Artist of the Year Groove Awards & AFRIMMA's Best Gospel Act in Africa then I was Sorrounded by so much heavy Judgements... I know you all understand ; I ended up being a hypocrite ending up not being Proud of my Blood 😭😭😭. 

I hope I'm not opening up so Much but I think this is another apportunity to ask for forgiveness from the Mum & my Daughter for keeping you as a Secret and away from the Public for almost two Years; its never what I wished for but because of what I lived for: Gospel Music which Should have not been the Case; its not Godly to Be a Pretender 😭😭😭 My Daughter thank You for coming into my World and giving me the title : Father! And to You Mama Mueni #Yvette thank You for Choosing Peace above Violence and Creating a Condusive environment as we both raise this beautiful Princess @Mueni_Bahati

Yvette and Bahati’s wife Diana have been co-parenting just fine. Something that surprised many. On mother’s day, the two posted each other on social media. Diana even got mama Mueni a huge bouquet of flowers and some chocolates. Like how do they do it? baby mamas don’t see eye to eye but for these two, they have tried to change all that. 

You have shown & proved that Co- Parenting is possible🙌 Your Relationship with My Wife Diana and Positivity that both of you potray is not only an inspiration to Many Families out there but also to Me! My Prayer is that May God keep you & bless you as you both  Continue Blessing our Daughter with Great Motherly Love🙏🙏🙏 Pia Niliona Kwa Blogs Umepata Mtu Handsome; Please I will be honoured to Be invited to your Wedding ; May God Bless your Life, Journey and all You do in Jesus Name, AMEN 🙏

Yvette’s latest post has sparked a lot of mixed reactions. Today she posted a photo with the following caption:

Let's normalise not hurting other people in whichever way....

Could she be talking about Bahati? Has she truly forgiven him? Anyway, for Bahati, he wishes Yvette the best. In the apology, he asked her to invite him to their wedding soon.

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