Funny! Here’s Why Diana Marua Is Afraid To Drive The Car Bahati “Bought” For Her (VIDEO)


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We’ve already told you that Bahati faked buying Diana a car. Many Kenyans had bought it...but it’s utter BS. There’s no way he can afford a car worth over Ksh. 10 million, when he drives a second-hand Mercedes Benz that has no badge. After all, Kenyan celebs are broke, right?

In an attempt to prove to Kenyans that the car is theirs, the couple took it out on a ride. Bahati was the one driving the expensive car. The reason she gave? Laaaame! Ati she cannot drive it because it is too sleek. The babe is considering hiring her hubby as her chauffeur.

“I think I should hire my babe @bahatikenya to be my chaffeur 😇 This Ride is so Sleek, I'm scared of Driving it 😂 Thank you for this gift @BahatiKenya ❤,” she said on her Instagram page.

Well, it's worth remembering that Bahati does not drive the 15 million bob Range Rover that Diana ‘bought’ him. Ilienda na ikaenda hivyo. They are probably doing this so that they can appear rich.

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This is because once people think that they are rich, businesses can sponsor them by paying them a lot of cash. 

In the end, they might end up being actually rich. This tactic is popularly called ‘fake it till you make it’. It is popular among US celebrities, especially rappers. Some have been busted for being broke and their flashy cars were taken away. Among them is Tyga, who has had his expensive cars taken away from him due to late payments.

However, in Bahati’s case, he literally begged a car yard to lend him a car so that he can show off on Instagram, then return it after a few days, weeks, or months.

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The only people who we can know can afford such cars are billionaires; I can confirm this because I once did a photoshoot with one of the CEOs of the biggest industrial companies in Kenya. He is a filthy rich billionaire who can afford a Mercedes Benz valued at over 16 million shillings when new.

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