‘Diana Told Bahati To Hold Me Tight’

Who is the lady on the cover?

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Bahati’s album has been trending since last week. It started with Bahati dropping a diss track throwing shade at top artists like Octopuzzo, Sauti Sol, Ringtone, and rapper Khaligraph Jones. However, However, Khaligraph Jones is the only one who took the time to respond to the diss track. 

The album cover is also another thing that made fans question Bahati. In the cover, we can see a lady holding Bahati, and on the other one, she has her leg raised, and Bahati is holding it. The moment Bahati had the poster on his Instagram, fans quickly asked whether Diana Marua was okay with it. 

Na Diana ameona hii
 ebu tag uyo mschana😂😂

😂😂😂😂 diana_marua come take your son
Cover TU inasema ngoma itakua motoo😂😂🔥🔥🔥

😂😂😂😂😂mtoto wa Diana amechoma🔥🔥🔥👏👏👏👏👏
 bahaaaaaaaaaatiiiii🔥🔥🔥 sasa album ikwomm

❤️ mapenzi matamu hasa upate anae kupenda 😢

Recently, Youtuber Eve Mungai had a one-on-one with the lady on the cover who, apparently, her name is also Diana. Diana Chacha. She said:

Bahati and his team, wote niliongea nao. As an individual ofcourse ther is that spark ya at least kuna mtu anaona kazi yangu. The fact that a big brand like that would consider using my image means a lot. It says a lot.  Baha alinicall. Nikaona truecaller inasema the ghetto president.

When asked if it is true the cover caused a lot of common between Bahati and his wife Diana, Chacha responded:

Kama ilileta vurugu, that is new to me because those people to me were the nicest. They made me so comfortable. They were so professional. Diana sister’s is so friendly and professional.

When Diana walked in, I was like Hehhh. Now this is the end. How am I supposed to put my *** on the husband and the wife is here? Nikajiambia ah watanidirect. It was a whole team. Bahati has a big team behind him. Diana was so friendly. She said Hi Chacha and I was surprised she knows my name. 

During the shoot, she was the director. Bring your hand closer she said to Bahati. She was joking around telling Baha, umefurahi? Ilikua poa. 

Since the launch of the cover, Diana Chacha has done several interviews. If you were wondering who she is, she is a model and no boys; she is not single. She is currently dating one of the tops MCs, Mc Price. 

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