Bahati Responds to Begging Fan

Displays his bottomless pockets

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Bahati has once again gone above and beyond for his fans.

Just yesterday, a poor fan came through on social media asking for Bahati's help in his music career.

The fan, who called himself Stephen, was calling for Bahati's help with his musical career, saying he had been an avid follower of mtoto wa Dianah. 

He said that he was a musician and though he had worked very hard to save money for the job, he didn't have any.

Stephen was earnestly seeking Bahati's help in any way he could.
my name is Stephen, am 23 years old and am a musician. i have always been followign Kevin Bahati aka Bahati Kenya coz he has been my role model both in music and real life. i have no no money for recording my music and am begging you bahati to help me in any way possible.
KEVIN MBUVI KIOKO by God's grace, come to my help!"


Mtoto wa diana aki saidiana huyu boiz akona talanta


I hope Bahati helps him coz this is really humbling🥺


@bahatikenya come see this

Hope this will reach him

#bahatikenya unaitajika hapa,bahati ana roho nzuri...
Well, the news reached him and Bahati decided to help the poor young man.

He took to his Instagram account this morning and responded publicly to Stephen!

He said that though he had shut his record company down for over a year now, he was going to help the man by sponsoring him with his first two singles!

"I Just Saw this 🥺 Unfortunately I Closed Down the Record Signing Label almost a Year ago. But the Best thing I will do is Make Sure I Sponsor him to Record atleast Two Songs to Kick start his Career.

My Team Cannot get him on Phone... Anyone Close to him pass him this information. He Can DM our Fanpage
@TeamBahati Our Producer is Waiting to Record him. All the Best as he pursues his Music Career 🙏🙏🙏"
His fans were overjoyed and some bigwigs came in to congratulate him on having such a big heart.
The President Ameongea🔥👏👏


Loving God by loving people


👏👏Goodluck with that❤️more blessing

Good job bahati God bless you


Always remain blessed
@bahatikenya 👏👏👏👏
Bahati clearly has a heart more empathetic than he is given account for!
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