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Bahati has opened up about life since quitting the gospel industry and why he left it in the first place and it’s so incredibly insightful, the people that didn’t want him to just might change their minds…

Diana Marua uploaded a video on her YouTube channel that is sure to make you think twice about the Bahatis’ if you haven’t already. At what seemed to be a dinner party, Bahati and Diana were hosting some friends who were talking about their experience with Bahati after he closed EMB, his former label. As it turns out, this friend called Vinny was the very last musician that was left in the streets per se after the shutting down. 

Bahati was discussing how conflicted he was about Vinny and that was what led to the discussion of his life in the gospel industry and why he is more than happy now that he has left it behind.

According to Bahati, owning EMB brought him so much bad luck and scandals in the media that he had no choice but to leave it behind. He revealed he was getting so much stress, that he literally woke up one day and made the executive decision that he was going to shut it down indefinitely. 

Bahati opened up to the small crowd and told them that he had stopped helping people through music. He was now doing something completely different, and he wasn’t just helping musicians. He told them that his form of charity was the kind you’d find organizations with. He was buying food for the poor, buying clothes, offering mentorships, he even bought some cars for some people! Now, you don’t see that every day on his page, do you? Bahati admitted that he was helping, but in a more silent, meaningful way that he doesn’t share on the media.

See, Bahatis’ growth has been more than evident post-gospel. While he was definitely one of the top-grossing gospel artists, one may even argue that he has become a bigger artist since he released his first contemporary album, ‘Love Like This’.

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Over this time, three of his songs ‘Pete Yangu’ featuring Nadia Mukami, ‘Fikra Za Bahati’, ‘Kiss’ featuring Rayvnanny have become number one hits and his album officially clocked in 5 million streams on Boomplay! Talk about launching a successful career off the go!

To add to that, he has managed to get tons of endorsements including Odi Bets, Zunguka Africa Safaris and have even bagged two ambassadorial deals one with Raha Premium Maize Flour and another with Komarock Modern Healthcare. Clearly, things have been looking better than good for the Bahati’s despite the gloomy future they seemed to be headed towards.

Oh, and did we tell you Diana just put in 50 million views on her YouTube channel?

We don’t know what else Bahati will tell us about his experience as an ex gospel singer, but we have a clue they will be good ones. Go Bahati!


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