Bahati, Diamond In South Africa Working On A New Song

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Kelvin Bahati and Tanzania singer Diamond Platnumz are currently in South Africa working on a music album.

The two music superstar men on Sunday evening where according to Bahati, they discussed matters music that related to their albums.

Taking to his Instagram page, Bahati revealed that he met Diamond in Johannesberg where the Bongo star gave him some words of advice regarding his music adventure.
Bahati in the studio. Photo: Instagram

Bahati noted that he hoped Diamond's advice would help her make his new album the best.

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"Yesterday Night in Joburg South Africa With Africa's Number #1 Musician @DiamondPlatnumz 🌍 Bro Thank You for Always Giving Me a Listening Ear and Guidance; I Never Take it for Granted!

"Your Words & Advice Yesterday🙌 I Know that Will Make My Upcoming Álbum One of the Best I have Ever Done! I'm Humbled 🙏 Thank You for Always Being The Realest Big Brother."
Bahati said.

The two musicians are currently working on their music albums with each of them claiming that their respective albums will be one to remember.

Diamond fly to South Africa last month to work on his album which he once noted will reckon the music industry.

Same as Diamond, Bahati also noted that his album will be a game-changer to the industry

Bahati did not, however, indicate whether he is planning to do a music project alongside Diamond.

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